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Kit Contents

Inside your box you should find:

  • A blue and white patient details form
  • A yellow aptima and urine pot
  • A clear plastic bag with an absorbant pad inside
  • A freepost addressed envelope with Biological Substance markings
  • A double sided instruction leaflet (blue for urine tests and pink for swab tests)
  • A folded test information card (this card is just for your records so you have our number if you have any questions) you can also attach the sticker labeled "Your Label" to keep a record of your reference number.
  • A chlamydia information sheet
  • A gonorrhoea information postcard
  • A questionnaire that you can return with your completed test
  • Some condoms - for more information about condom use visit our condom page


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Call 0800 0461303 (Confidential Advice Line)