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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 2014

How common is ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is the fourth most common form of cancer death in women, after breast, lung and bowel cancer.  However, the average GP will see only one case of ovarian cancer every five years.

Why raising awareness is so important:

  • We have the worst ovarian cancer survival rates in Europe at 36%.
  • Just 3% of women in the UK are very confident at spotting a symptom of ovarian cancer (the Target Ovarian Cancer Pathfinder Study 2012).
  • 7,000 women are diagnosed each year in the UK. 4,300 women lose their lives each year.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

The key symptoms of ovarian cancer are

  • Persistent pelvic or abdominal pain (that's your tummy and below)
  • Increased abdominal size/persistent bloating - not bloating that comes and goes
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
  • Urinary symptoms (needing to wee more urgently or often than usual)

Occasionally there can be other symptoms such as changes in bowel habit, extreme fatigue (feeling very tired) or unexplained weight loss.

These symptoms are:-

  • Frequent - they usually happen more than 12 times a month
  • Persistent - they don't go away
  • New - they are not normal for you and may have started in the last year

If you regularly experience any of these symptoms, which are not normal for you, it is important that you see your GP. It is unlikely that your symptoms are caused by a serious problem, but it is important to be checked out.

Download our symptoms leaflet here.

During Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month there will be displays and information from 17th - 21st March 2014 at the following locations:

St Marys Hospital Atrium

Main Outpatients, Manchester Royal Infirmary

Entrance 2 (adjacent to the Multi Faith Centre, Manchester Royal Infirmary

For further information, advice or support, please contact the Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre on 0161 276 6868 or email: cancer.information@cmft.nhs.uk

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