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Ward 85


  • Cardiology
  • Respiratory
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Metabolic
  • Endocrinology
  • Rheumatology
  • Immunology


3rd Floor Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

Number of Beds


Our Service

The majority of our patients come from the North West of England. Due to the specialities that we have on the ward we also have patients from elsewhere in the UK and sometimes from other countries.

We aim to provide a warm and friendly environment in which children, their families and staff feel at ease.

We aim to treat all patients fairly and with dignity and respect at all times.

Ward Manager

Deb Smith
0161 701 8505

0161 701 8500 / 0161 701 8501


On Ward 85 we have a Ward Manager who is responsible for the overall running of the ward. The uniform for the Ward Manager is navy blue.

We have several Band 6 sisters and charge nurses who support the Ward Manager with the running of the ward. They also take charge of shifts on the ward and help the other staff on duty. Sisters and Charge Nurses wear a Royal Blue tunic or dress and Navy trousers.

The majority of people on duty each day are the Staff Nurses who wear Sky blue uniforms. Along with the Sister and charge nurses they will ensure that all patients have the care and treatment they need to help them get better.

We also have Nursing assistants on the ward who wear a mint green uniform. Their role is to help support the rest of the nursing staff with the day to day ward running.

We also have Sodexo staff who wear a navy blue uniform. They are responsible for the cleaning of the ward and also the serving of the meals at lunch time and dinner time.

Staffing Levels

Our staffing numbers for the three shifts are:

  • Early - 7 trained staff, 2 Nursing assistants.
  • Late - 6 Trained staff, 1 Nursing Assistant.
  • Night - 6 Trained staff,1 Nursing Assistant.

Other staff and partners

As we are linked to several of the Universities nearby, we also have student nurses working on the ward with us. They usually wear a white uniform with a badge detailing which university they are from. They will be working alongside the other staff on duty as they train to become a qualified nurse.

Occasionally we also have students from other specialities including physio and occupational therapy.

We have a ward based pharmacist and technician who are responsible for checking and providing the medications that the doctors prescribe.

Each speciality has their own team of doctors who will come round the ward every day to see their patients.

We have a ward based play leader who works alongside children and their families to make their hospital stay more enjoyable.

We also have a play specialist who will work alongside the play leader to provide preparation, distraction, and post procedural play, to those children who require it.

Map / Directions - How To Find Us

We are on the third floor of the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. If you go up in the first lift that's in the atrium we are on the left as you come out of the lift.


Visiting hours are open for parents but we ask that only one parent stays after 8pm.

Visiting for others is between 13:00 and 17:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00.

We ask that all visitors leave the ward by 8pm. This is so that we can start settling children down for bedtime!

What to bring, and what not to bring

Please bring with you clothes for both patient and resident parent. If your child wears nappies we are able to provide them for the first 24 hours but after that ask that you supply your own.

If your child has a favourite toy or comforter than it may be advisable to bring this to ensure your child is around familiar objects.

Please also bring any toiletries and personal items that you will need during your stay.

Infection Control Statement (Hand Hygiene)

We ask that all visitors to the ward use the Alcohol gel on their hands when you arrive on the ward. This is to help prevent the spread of infections.

We also ask that if you have been unwell for the last few days that you do not visit to ensure that you do not pass any infections to our patients and their families.


Meals are provided 3 times a day for all of our patients. We use an electronic tablet to help you choose the food you want for each meal.

We work closely with the Hospital dieticians to ensure that anybody with specific requirements is able to have the meals they need.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

The ward is cleaned every day by a member of Sodexo staff. If you have any concerns with cleanliness whilst you are on the ward then please inform a member of nursing staff.


Whilst on Ward 85 we ask that all patients wear a nameband to ensure that we are able to identify patients safely.

We also ask that sides are put up on cots and beds to ensure that patients are not able to fall and hurt themselves.

A parent room is provided on the ward and we ask that all hot drinks are consumed in there. This is to ensure that no hot liquids are spilt which could cause harm.

Feedback - NHS Choices

Please post your feedback here.

Awards & Accreditation

Ward 85 participates in the Trust Accreditation programme. This aims to identify areas where we can improve the way we do things to free up our time to spend with our patients. At present we have been awarded a Bronze level award for this and are aiming to achieve higher.

Our Respiratory Team was recently awarded an NHS Hero award following a nomination by one of our patients and their family.

Patient Information Leaflet

We have produced a Ward Information Leaflet which will be given out on admission. This will give you more information about what to expect during your stay on Ward 85.

How We Use Patient / User Feedback

Each month we collect feedback from our patients and their families. We use this information to help us identify areas where we are doing wee, and others where we need to improve.