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Tom's Day Case Surgery

Tom's Day Case Surgery Tom's Story

Tom has a lump on his tummy. All the other boys think his tummy looks funny when he goes swimming. Mum takes Tom to see their GP. He says Tom will have to go to hospital for a new tummy button.

Tom comes to the out-patients department where the doctor has a look at his tummy. He says he can fix it but Tom will have to come into hospital for the day to have an operation. After the operation he can go home with mum and dad to get better.


On the day of Tom's operation Tom comes to the hospital with his dad. His parents were told in a letter not to give Tom any food so he wasn't allowed any breakfast, only a drink of water.

Tom and dad go to the Central Admissions office. They meet a lady who asks Tom and his dad some questions about their GP and where they live. She then tells Tom and his dad which ward Tom must go to for his operation.


On the ward the play specialist talks to Tom about his operation. Tom pretends to be an anaesthetist. He gives the bear some medicine in a syringe just like the real anaesthetist will do when Tom goes to the operation theatre. He also gives the bear some special air to breathe through a mask.


The nurse tells Tom that she needs to get him ready for his operation. She puts a band on his wrist with his name and a special number on. "It's so we know who you are," she says.


The nurse puts a little clip on Tom's finger. This shows how much oxygen is in his body and how fast his heart is beating. The nurse also checks Tom's blood pressure. The blue cuff on his arm goes very tight but it does not hurt.


Next the nurse weighs Tom on a special chair. Then the nurse takes Tom's temperature in his ear. The nurse asks Tom and his dad some questions. She writes everything down in a special book.


The doctor comes to see Tom. She listens to his heart and chest through a stethoscope. She is checking that Tom is well. The anaesthetist then comes to talk to Tom and his dad. He tells Tom that he will put a cannula into the back of his hand. He will then give him some special medicine to make him have a sleep. Then the doctor can mend his tummy.

The nurse puts a special gown on Tom and then some special 'magic cream' on his hand. This makes Tom's skin feel numb so it doesn't hurt when the anaesthetist puts the cannula in. The nurse then gives Tom some pain medicine to help stop his tummy being sore after the operation.

The nurse tells Tom, "It's time for your operation". Tom, dad and the nurse walk down to the day case operating theatre. Tom meets the theatre staff.

The theatre staff ask Tom his name and check the special number on his wrist band. Tom then lies on a trolley in the anaesthetic room. The anaesthetist who he met before puts the cannula into his hand. It does not hurt because he has had the 'magic cream' on.


After his operation Tom goes into the recovery room to wake up. The recovery nurse asks Tom's dad to come from the ward to sit by Tom while he wakes up.


When Tom has woken up he goes back into the ward on a trolley. He needs to rest in his bed for a while. The nurse helps him move off the trolley onto the bed.


While Tom has a sleep his dad reads his magazine. The nurse comes and checks that Tom's pulse and breathing are fine after his operation.

When Tom wakes up he has a drink of juice. He is very hungry so he has some toast. It tastes good. Tom is nearly ready to go home but his tummy feels a little bit sore. The nurse gives him some more pain medicine.


The nurse shows Tom's dad the pain medicines for him to take home. She explains the information leaflet so that Tom's mum and dad will know when to give Tom his pain medicine at home.


Before he goes home, Tom has a play on the computer. Tom is ready to go home. He has enjoyed his stay. He waves goodbye to the nurse.


When Tom gets home, his mum lets him lie of the settee and watch TV. Tom's mum makes sure that he has some pain medicine so that his tummy will not start hurting. A few days later Tom is better from his operation and ready to play outside on his bike.