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Education Contact Us

Contact Us

Education Centre central site

Our offices are located on the ground floor of the Postgraduate Centre.

We are open Monday - Friday from 08.00 until 17.00

Education centre Trafford General Hospital

Our offices are located on the ground floor of the Education Centre

We are open Monday - Friday from 07.30 until 16.00

Dr Mark Forrest

Director for Postgraduate Medical Education

Mark.Forrest@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 701 2701

Ged Terriere

Associate Director (Operational) for Medical Education

Ged.Terriere@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 701 7144

Karen Stuart

Head of Postgraduate Education

karen.stuart@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 701 2701

Belinda Nethercott

Operational Services Manager

belinda.nethercott@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 276 8712

Sally Hussey

Medical Education Co-ordinator

sally.hussey@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 276 8728

Lesley Howell

Medical Education Manager, Trafford General Hospital

lesley.howell@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 746 2036

Ruth Carman

Quality Assurance Lead

ruth.carman@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 276 3517

Samantha Chamberlain

Induction Lead

samantha.chmaberlain@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 276 8055

Sharon Gibbs

PGME Co-ordinator & Foundation Programme Administrator, Central site

sharon.gibbs@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 276 8731

Lesley Speakman

Foundation Programme Administrator, Trafford General Hospital

lesley.speakman@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 746 2819

Jessica Cayir

Specialty Training Administrator (RMCH, CAMHS), Central site


Jackie Kennedy

Specialty Training Administrator (Paediatric) Central

jackie.kennedy@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 746 2539

0161 701 1913

Lesley Taylor

Specialty Training Administrator (Study Leave), Central site

lesley.taylor@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 276 6638

Patricia Topham

PA to PGME Senior Management Team, Central site

patricia.topham@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 701 2701