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Your first year of professional practice is a busy time, settling into a new environment and adapting to your new role. This is the time to set up good habits that will enhance your professional practice.

Newly registered practitioners benefit from regular support by experienced practitioners during their first year of practice.  Pivotal to this period of transition will be your 'Preceptor' supporting and guiding you, who will be allocated by your line manager.

This relationship is different to your previous relationship with your mentor/assessor/supervisor during pre-registration education. In this situation you are both accountable, registered practitioners and have shared roles and responsibilities as directed in the CMFT 'Preceptorship Policy'.

In addition to the corporate induction, clinical mandatory training and local orientation packages you will receive, there is a generic 'Preceptee Development Programme' to support your development

Preceptee Development Handbook

Please click here for the Preceptee Handbook.

Please click here for the Bespoke Health Visitor Preceptee Handbook

Preceptorship is the key to your professional development.

Please click here for a summary of the key purposes.

Study days for Preceptee Development Programme

Preceptee induction will take place immediately after mandatory training on day 2 of employment and all resources will be provided on the day including the preceptee development handbook.

Please see the information below regarding the study days you will undertake throughout the programme. Dates for you to attend the sessions will be given to you at preceptee induction, please inform your managers of these dates as soon as possible. As this is a mandatory programme it is essential that you attend/complete all of these days.

It is imperative that if you are unable to attend an existing booking that you inform the preceptorship team and your line manager immediately to book another date and enable your original place to be offered to another preceptee in the Trust.

You will receive a confirmation letter from recruitment informing you of the Preceptee Induction Session

Please click here for the full list of Induction session dates for 2017

At the preceptee induction session you will be given a letter informing you of the study days below, please ensure that you make a note of all the dates in your diary and then ensure that the letter is given to your line manager/EDP, enabling the study days to be booked in advanace for the full 12 months

Work/Life Balance and Teamwork Day (expected completion by month 3/4)

Safe Practice & Professional Development - E-Learning approach (expected completion by month 3/4)

Workshop 1 - Self Awareness (expected completion by month 5)

Workshop 2 - Decision Making (expected completion by month 7)

Workshop 3 - Leadership (expected completion by month 9)

Workshop 4 - Preceptor Training (expected completion by month 11)

Return Certificate of completion of preceptorship programme to Old School of Physiotherapy Annexe, MRI and evaluate the Preceptorship programme on Survey Monkey

Please click here to access the Trust elearning (the Multi-Professional Preceptorship programme is located under 'Dept/Role specific clinical courses' on the main elearning home page and when first accessing this page you will be asked to 'enrol me'). Please ensure that you have access to a printer when first logging onto your preceptorship elearning as you will be asked to click on the image of the workbook and print it off. There are scenarios and questions that you have to complete.