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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions students most frequently ask our PEF team and the answers.


Question 1: Where can I find information on upcoming IPL sessions or study sessions?

Answer: You can find this information in the IPL section of this website or on the student notice board in your practice placement area.   


Question 2: Can I be involved in medication management?

Answer: Here are the do's and don'ts :-

- Students cannot be a second checker for any type of medication including Fragmin, but can be a 3rd checker as part of a learning experience

- Students are not permitted to hold any keys used in drug administration including pod keys

- The registered practitioner must be with the student providing direct supervision when administering any type of medication

- Students may simulate the mixing of IV antibiotics or preparation of IV fluid but are not permitted to mix antibiotics that will be then administered to a patient

- Students are not allowed to administer any type of IV medication to patients even under direct supervision

- Students must not be left unattended at the Drug trolley

- Students must not remain in the clinic room when IV medication is being prepared and the mentor has to leave for any reason


Question 3: Am I allowed to 'special' (supervise a patient 1:1) whilst on placement?

Answer: Only for short periods to cover breaks, if you are happy to do so and if you fully understand the patients' status and needs.


Question 4: Should I be working alongside my mentor all the time?

Answer: You need to spend 40% of your time with your mentor and could spend some time with other team members, who will feed back to your mentor.


Question 5: I have completed my quota of night shifts and weekends, therefore do I need to work anymore nights/weekends?

Answer: If your mentor is on nights/weekends yes, it would be to your advantage to work alongside your mentor.


Question 6: What if I am asked to do something that I have never done before?

Answer: If you do not feel happy to do something you must recognise your limitations and communicate this.


Please let the PEF team know if there are any questions you think should be included in this list.