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As a student you will be expected to wear your official university uniform which you should have recieved from the suppliers before you start clinical placement.

As a student you may be placed in a number of different NHS Trusts and other organisations, some common principles apply which should guide you about what you should and should not wear.

Main Principles

  1. You should wear Trust identification badges at all times.
  2. Fingernails should be clean and short with no varnish. The wearing of false, gel or acrylic nails is forbidden.
  3. Uniforms MUST be changed daily.
  4. Long hair should be tied back or pinned away from the collor.
  5. Head coverings (turbans, skull caps, etc) should be navy blue or black, clean, washed and changed daily and secures without loose ends.
  6. Perfume should be discrete.
  7. Black shoes with covered toes (not suede or canvas) should be worn and should be of a type suitable for protection of your feet and heels. In most cases trainers are not allowed. There may be some exceptions e.g. physiotherapists who should check with their placement area.
  8. Jewellery is not permitted, with the exception of a plain wedding band and one pair of stud earings if ears are poerced. Visible body piercing must be removed.
  9. Tattoos deemed to be offensive are to be covered at all times.

Check with your clinical placement area for information regarding changing facilities.

When wearing uniform outside of the Trust premises your uniform must be covered up.


In some clinical areas uniform is not required so please check with the department before you commence your placement. In this case you should dress smartly and follow the same prinicples on jewellery as for hospital placements. If in doubt contact the clinical area.

To view the Trust Dress Code Policy click here.

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