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Equality Impact Assessments and Action Plans

Equalities Impact Assessments enable us to gain an understanding of its functions and the way decisions about that function are made by:

  • Considering the current situation
  • Deciding what is to be achieved - i.e. the objectives and intended outcomes of a function or policy
  • Considering what evidence there is to support the decision
  • Where the gaps are in terms of evidence to support the decision
  • Making an informed decision
  • Reporting / publishing that decision


We use the Trust Equality Impact Assessment Framework and the Initial Screening and Partial Forms when undertaking an Equality Impact Assessment. 

An Equality Impact Assessment is a series of questions designed to challenge the author, the team, the department and the Trust to make sure that the services it is providing, is equitably and effectively delivered to all members of the community and Trust Staff .

The Equality Training Framework has also been introduced and each division in the Trust now has an action plan with action plans developed to embed Equality and Diversity throughout their service plans to ensure they are on track to meet the new expectations through Care Quality Commission and legislative equalities act.