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Meet the Governors

Governors are your voice, representing your interests and views, and if you would like to contact a Governor directly, e-mail details are listed below each pen portrait.  Alternatively you can contact the Foundation Trust Membership Office. If you have a specific concern or complaint, please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

Please Note:  The Terms of Office end dates outlined below are subject to the on going Single Hospital Service programme of work and as a result may change.

Lead Governor

David Edwards - Public Governor (Greater Manchester)i

David Edwards

Lead & Public Governor (Greater Manchester) - Term of Office Ends September 2019

As a Governor for three years, David has developed a sound working relationship with the Trust Board, which has enabled him to actively seek assurance around Trust performance.  He has been involved in regular Governor events and development sessions, plus other activities including:

  • Patient Experience, Membership and Smoking Policy Groups.
  • Complaints Scrutiny Panel.
  • Young People's Event and Youth Forum.
  • Non-Executive Director Remuneration and Selection Panels.

Over the coming months, David feels that there are exciting opportunities to embrace in relation to the Single Hospital Service, 'Living Longer Living Better' and other ongoing healthcare programmes and he feels it is essential to give members and the public the opportunity to voice their opinions and suggestions.

From his career in civil engineering and running his own company, David feels that he has developed good business acumen and interpersonal skills.  In addition, he regards effective communication, broad mindedness and a high degree of inquisitiveness as key attributes to successfully fulfilling the role of Lead Governor.

Contact E-mail:  governor-david.edwards2@cmft.nhs.uk


Public Governors

Manchester Public Governors

Jayne Bessant - Public Governor (Manchester)

Jayne Bessant

Public Governor (Manchester) - Term of Office Ends September 2017

After training as a nurse at Manchester Royal Infirmary, Jayne has worked in the NHS and charitable healthcare sector for 30 years. Since 2002 she has worked in senior management within the hospice sector and is currently Chief Executive of St Ann's Hospice. Jayne is committed to making a positive contribution to ensure equitable and high standards of care for patients and their carers/families at all stages of their lives.

Since being elected as a Governor in 2009, she has chaired the Organ Donation Committee and the Patient Experience Group. She now sits on the Patient Experience Group and is also working with members of the Trust to review and develop the complaints process.

Contact E-mail:  governor-jayne.bessant@cmft.nhs.uk


Janet Heron

Janet Heron

Public Governor (Manchester) - Term of Office Ends September 2019

Janet has lived in Manchester all her adult life and stood for election to the Council of Governors to make a positive contribution to the NHS.  In recent years, the health service in Manchester has treated and supported her in successfully overcoming health issues and from these experiences, Janet has gained practical knowledge of how the Trust operates and many aspects of patient care.

Her working life in establishing a children's charity then a variety of roles for Manchester City Council, has given Janet significant practical experience in consulting with the public and business organisations.  Janet has worked on many large scale regeneration projects including the development of the Manchester City stadium site, the rebuilding of the City Centre and Central Park in North Manchester. She has also gained an understanding of workforce and employment issues as a result of senior lay positions held with a trade union.

Janet cites her key priorities as a Governor being:

  • Supporting the Trust to further improve the quality of patient experience.
  • Supporting the Trust to promote 'joined up' healthcare between hospitals and GP practices.
  • Supporting the Trust to remove any practical barriers to accessing health care.
  • Supporting NHS staff to undertake their roles successfully.

Contact E-mail:  governor-janet.heron@cmft.nhs.uk



Philip Largan

Philip Largan

Public Governor (Manchester) - Term of Office Ends September 2019

A chartered quantity surveyor, Philip has more than 10 years' experience managing the financial and legal aspects of major construction projects including hospitals, schools, heritage buildings and major infrastructure developments.  He has degrees in management science and quantity surveying commercial management.

As a result of Philip's and his family's experiences with the NHS, he has a passion for healthcare and is committed to ensuring that CMFT continues the outstanding work being done in the region, and wishes to help to further improve standards of care and drive efficiency through the Trust.  Philip appreciates that the views of members and the general public around key performance areas such as patient experience, quality and safety will ultimately aid this process.

As a NHS patient, Philip has received "exceptional levels of care from consistently excellent care teams" and he wants to use his personal healthcare experiences and professional capabilities to benefit CMFT and its patients.

Contact E-mail:  governor-philip.largan@cmft.nhs.uk



Susan Rowlands - Public Governor (Manchester)

Sue Rowlands

Public Governor (Manchester) - Term of Office Ends September 2019

Sue has been a Governor for six years and worked for over 30 years in local government, as a social worker and manager, playing a key role in establishing a multi-agency service for disabled children in Manchester. Sue intends to build on this valuable experience and knowledge.

As well as regularly attending Council of Governors and Board meetings, Sue is a member of the Patient Experience Group, which works towards customer focus and patient consultation.  She has been involved in Ward accreditations and Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment, which examine standards of care.  Sue is also part of a regular clinical meeting that focuses on Children with Medical Complexities/disabilities, drawing on her previous working experience.

Sue feels that the work of the Council of Governors and Trust Directors grows more complex and diverse with each successive Health Act. Sue continues to believe strongly in the importance of the Trust being able to deliver high-quality services that are responsive, efficient and cost-effective, as well as free at the point of delivery.

Contact E-mail:  governor-susan.rowlands@cmft.nhs.uk


Sue Webster

Sue Webster

Public Governor (Manchester) - Term of Office Ends September 2017

Chair of the Governors' Corporate Citizenship Group

A Governor since 2009, Sue is keen to continue using the experience and knowledge she has already gained.  Sue is Chair of the Governors' Corporate Citizenship Group, which considers the Trust's role as a responsible organisation. The group has focused on what matters to staff, patients and local communities and has championed access to employment for young people, reducing waste and ensuring through cultural partnerships, the Trust's hospitals are uplifting places to visit and recover.

Taking early retirement from a telecommunications company, has enabled Sue to devote more time to her interests in health, education and the arts in Manchester. Her commercial experience is in strategy, change and partnership working.  She is using these skills to encourage good communication, collaborative working and fresh thinking.  Her aim as a Governor is to represent members in the drive to provide the best possible healthcare for Manchester people and their families.

Contact E-mail:  governor-sue.webster@cmft.nhs.uk


Trafford Public Governors

Nik Barstow Photo 2

Nik Barstow

Public Governor (Trafford) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

Nik has been actively involved in public engagement in the NHS in Manchester for 25 years, as a Community Health Council Chief Officer and then managing Local Involvement Networks and HealthWatch bodies. He works for a locally-based health charity.

Nik believes the NHS shows what equality and co-operation can achieve.  He particularly wants to see collaboration between NHS Trusts, Social Care Services, and the voluntary and community sector to help improve services. He is a strong advocate of the view that health and care should be a comprehensive, publicly owned, funded and provided service meeting clinical and care needs free at the point of use, and feels should be democratically controlled.

In his Governor role, Nik will represent members and the public by ensuring that patients', carers' and community views are heard and acted on, raise awareness of equality issues and support the Trust to actively reduce health inequalities and encourage collaborative working between hospitals, community health and social care services.

Contact E-mail:  governor-nik.barstow@cmft.nhs.uk


Cheryl Rivkin

Cheryl Rivkin

Public Governor (Trafford) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

Cheryl trained as a Dentist and was Clinical Director for Manchester Community Dental Services in CMFT until her retirement in 2014.  She was responsible for delivery of clinic-based and domiciliary dental care for adults and children with additional needs.  She has extensive experience of working with vulnerable people of all ages and priority groups, their families/carers, plus a broad range of stakeholders.

Cheryl also worked as a Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry at the Children's Hospital until her retirement, when she then went on to train as a counsellor.

Cheryl feels confident that her first-hand knowledge of both hospital and local services, her commitment to equal access, quality care and improved patient experience will be valuable in her Governor role.  She aims to fully represent members' interests and make a useful contribution to the development of Trust plans for integrated care for the benefit of all.

Contact E-mail:  governor-cheryl.rivkin@cmft.nhs.uk


Christine Turner

Christine Turner

Public Governor (Trafford) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

Christine has extensive experience of working within the health care sector. A retired qualified nurse with 39 years' experience, she completed two degrees in Nursing Studies whilst working and bringing up two children.

A local councillor in Trafford for eight years, Christine has experience of engaging with the public and representing their interests. She has also held organisations to account, in her role as a Board Member of Age UK Trafford.

Passionate about good quality patient care, Christine believes that a good experience when visiting or staying in hospital is everyone's right.  She is enthusiastic about helping our Trust to achieve this in her role as Governor.

Contact E-mail:  governor-christine.turner@cmft.nhs.uk


Greater Manchester Public Governors

Ivy Ashworth-Crees

Ivy Ashworth-Crees

Public Governor (Greater Manchester) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

A retired NHS manager and also a renal transplant patient, Ivy has served as a Governor for six years.  She has a good working knowledge of the Trust, including its structures, processes and culture.

Ivy has enjoyed helping to improve patient experience and care, particularly by working with teams in the outpatients department to enhance the quality of care. She is passionate about improving patient satisfaction and sees her role as seeking assurance from the Board of Directors and ensuring any issues are acted upon.  She is keen to remain involved in service developments within the Trust and believes that good customer service is essential to effective patient care.

Proud to be a Governor of this very forward thinking, modern organisation, Ivy believes that CMFT truly deserves international recognition for its strong academic links and pioneering research activities.

Contact E-mail:  governor-ivy.ashworth-crees@cmft.nhs.uk


Carol Shacklady

Carol Shacklady

Public Governor (Greater Manchester) - Term of Office Ends September 2017

Carol has recently retired as leader of the postgraduate physiotherapy course, now at Manchester Metropolitan University but previously based at MRI.  She is keen to continue her links with patient care and supporting the Trust's services.

Over many years, Carol has been a teacher and mentor to clinicians studying to raise their levels of clinical practice. As a Governor, she aims to help make a difference to the quality of working practices for the benefit of both patients and staff.

Carol brings to her Governor role the skills of scrutiny, interviewing, counselling and acting as a critical friend, along with experience in team organisation, planning, administration and chairing meetings. Her significant working knowledge of primary and secondary care patient services, and NHS governance and health care policies, are also an asset.

Contact E-mail:  governor-carol.shacklady@cmft.nhs.uk


Michael White

Michael White

Public Governor (Greater Manchester) - Term of Office Ends September 2019

Now retired, Michael was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer and Project Leader. As a child, Michael wished to study medicine and has retained an active interest in the healthcare profession.

Michael feels that he can mix with all types of people and will listen to their viewpoint.  He has also honed his own ideas over the decades, based on experience, observation and reading.

As a Governor, Michael states he will make decisions based on the evidence presented to him and he sees the role as being very important in a demanding hospital health environment.  Michael feels confident that with his experience of life and people, and his inquisitive mind, he aims to be fair, balanced and just in his role as a Governor.

Contact E-mail:  ft.enquiries@cmft.nhs.uk


Rest of England & Wales Public Governors


Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson

Public Governor (Rest of England & Wales) - Term of Office Ends September 2019

Kate's connection to the Trust began when her daughter required treatment at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.  Over recent years, Kate and her family have had regular contact with the Trust with her daughter's sibling more recently also being cared for by the Children's Hospital.

A particular area of interest for Kate in her role as a Governor, is that of children and their families who live outside the Manchester area, and who travel to the Trust for treatment, especially those who make regular and/or ongoing visits.

Kate works as a director for a Wirral based company and she hopes to use her commercial skills and experience to support the Trust in her role as a Governor, and from her personal healthcare experiences, actively represent the interests of families and carers.

Contact E-mail:  governor-kate.johnson@cmft.nhs.uk



Staff Governors

Medical & Dental Staff Governor

John Vincent Smyth

Mr John Vincent Smyth

Staff Governor (Medical and Dental) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

A Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Manchester Royal Infirmary, Vince has over 15 years' clinical experience in a senior medical position.  His speciality involves balanced decision-making and working with a wide range of clinical colleagues. Vince has served as department head, represents the Trust at Greater Manchester level on the Vascular Board, and his speciality on the Greater Manchester Stroke Board. He also sits on the Audit/Quality Improvement Committee of the national Vascular Society.

As a Staff Governor for three years, Vince believes that bringing a clinical perspective to the Council of Governors has helped to enhance general awareness and further understanding of the Trust's clinical services.  In his Governor role, Vince wants to support the Trust to involve staff in shaping the Trust's future services and fulfil its vision of an engaged workforce.

Contact E-mail: governor-john.smyth@cmft.nhs.uk


Other Clinical Staff Governors

Gosia Siekowska

Gosia Siekowska

Staff Governor (Other Clinical) - Term of Office Ends September 2019

Originally from Poland, Gosia has lived in the UK for over a decade.  Having worked for a medical devices manufacturer, Gosia pursued a career in the healthcare sector and now is a member of the Trust's Medical Engineering Team. Gosia feels that as a new NHS employee, she has a fresh outlook on the processes within the Trust.

Being a trained Equality Advocate has equipped Gosia with useful skills and a detailed understanding of the Trust's core values and as a Governor, she wishes to have an active role in supporting the Trust to ensure it provides the best healthcare services for its diverse communities. Gosia believes that her personal experience and cultural background can provide valuable insight into the public's needs and their opinions.

Gosia feels that her work in Medical Engineering, which involves interacting with members of staff from various departments across the Trust, will also provide her with an opportunity to hear staff views and ideas to make further improvements to patient services.

Contact E-mail:  governor-gosia.siekowska@cmft.nhs.uk



Geraldine Thompson

Geraldine Thompson

Staff Governor (Other Clinical) - Term of Office Ends September 2017

Chair of the Governors' Staff Experience Group

A healthcare scientist, Geraldine's field of expertise is in the science of photography. She currently manages the Trust's Clinical Photography and Medical Illustration Services, and is proud to interact daily with staff, patients and stakeholders.  Geraldine was recently awarded runner up in Chief Scientific Officers award for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) engagement Healthcare Scientist of the year.

Geraldine trained and has worked in the NHS approaching thirty years, with her mother and other close family members having also worked in the NHS.  Geraldine feels that she has developed a particular dedication to all that makes the NHS what it is.

As a Governor, Geraldine hopes to contribute towards the Trust's objectives as well as holding accountable those responsible when any problems appear.  Geraldine feels that she stands for everything the Trust aims to deliver, the patients it serves, the communities and staff it encompasses. She hopes to provide a voice for her own profession and all Trust staff.

Contact E-mail:  governor-geraldine.thompson@cmft.nhs.uk


Nursing & Midwifery Staff Governors

Sharon Green

Sharon Green

Staff Governor (Nursing & Midwifery) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

Chair of the Governors' Patient Experience Group

Sharon worked as a nurse with patients and fellow staff for 18 years in critical care and cardiology, and is currently a Practice Education Facilitator across the Trust.  A Governor since 2012, Sharon has represented the views of the Nursing and Midwifery professions at joint Staff Governor and Chairman's sessions, the Nursing Midwifery Reference Group, and on Patient and Staff Experience Groups.

She feels it is essential for nurses and midwives to have a voice and to influence decisions made by the Trust Board.  This shared decision-making process enables staff to continue to provide high quality care to our patients and their carers.

Sharon is keen to continue fostering a culture of valuing and engaging nurses and midwives in an open and transparent manner.  Her nursing background provides insight and a vital link to support the on-going organisational development of the Trust.

Contact E-mail:  governor-sharon.green@cmft.nhs.uk


Non-Clinical and Support Staff Governors

Isobel Bridges

Isobel Bridges

Staff Governor (Non-Clinical and Support) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

Isobel has worked in acute NHS hospital environments for more than 27 years, at Trafford Division's Estates & Capital Planning Directorate and then in the Estates & Facilities Management Directorate on the Central Manchester site.

She has been involved in many initiatives ranging from service redesign to collaborative involvement and engagement, with the aim of improving the overall patient experience.

Isobel feels that the NHS is an ever-evolving and rapidly changing entity which faces many challenges and as a large city centre Trust, there will be developments that will require staff engagement and involvement.

Isobel is enthusiastic, driven and truly committed to ensuring the views and opinions of her constituency are represented within the duties, responsibilities and accountabilities of the Governor role. She is keen to help drive forward changes to improve overall patient experience and positively promote health and wellbeing initiatives for the benefit of all staff.

Contact E-mail:  governor-isobel.bridges@cmft.nhs.uk



Selton Smith

Selton Smith

Staff Governor (Non-Clinical & Support) - Term of Office Ends September 2019

Selton currently works for the Trust's Directorate of Laboratory Medicine, and has spent almost 20 years in the NHS.  Prior to joining the Trust, he had roles at several Birmingham Hospitals and this experience has helped him to understand the unique challenges faced by Specialist Hospitals.

Selton feels that as a Specialist Hospital, the Trust provides unique opportunities for staff to develop and experience a range of specialities and to be at the forefront of the changes in healthcare within the UK, with the Trust having very strong research links to academia, and industry around the North West, helping to drive healthcare advances.

Selton feels that over the coming years, there will be a number of exciting challenges and developments for the Trust and, as a Governor, Selton will work on behalf of staff to help ensure that their voice is heard.  Selton is keen to support the Trust around leadership and culture to ensure that all staff feel valued.

Contact E-mail:  governor-selton.smith@cmft.nhs.uk


Nominated Governors

Rabnawaz Akbar

Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar

Nominated Governor (Manchester City Council) - Term of Office Ends September 2017

Chair of the Governors' Membership Group

Councillor Akbar is the Assistant Executive Member for Finance and Human Resources, Chair of a Primary School Governing Body, Secretary of the Manchester Council of Mosques (MCOM) and trustee of various other community based organisations.

Rabnawaz is passionate about the NHS and his aim is to help the Trust to better understand the communities it serves. Councillor Akbar's extensive experience in the community will allow him to positively contribute to the strategic vision of the Trust.

Contact E-mail:  governor-rabnawaz.akbar@cmft.nhs.uk


Angela Harrington - Nominated Governor (Manchester City Council)

Angela Harrington

Nominated Governor (Manchester City Council) - Term of Office Ends September 2017

Angela is Head of Work & Skills with Manchester City Council and is very interested in the Trust's contribution to employment and skills, education, public health, community engagement and corporate citizenship.

Angela is proud to have served as a Nominated Governor since the Council of Governors' inception and is keen to support the Trust through future changes including Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution.

Contact E-mail: governor-angela.harrington@cmft.nhs.uk



Alex Heazell Photo

Dr Alexander Heazell

Nominated Governor (Manchester University) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

Alexander is a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Obstetrics and Clinical Director of the Tommy's Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre, University of Manchester.

After graduating from the University of Birmingham Medical School in 2000, Alexander commenced clinical training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the West Midlands. He came to Manchester to work as a Clinical Researcher in 2004. After finishing his PhD thesis in 2008 on how the placenta (afterbirth) goes wrong in pregnancy complications, Alexander finished his training as an Obstetrician in the North-West region.

Working as a Consultant Obstetrician at St Mary's Hospital in 2013, Alexander runs a specialist clinic for families who have experienced a stillbirth in a previous pregnancy and dedicates some of his time to medical research which focusses on stillbirth, looking at ways to both prevent it and also improve care.

Alexander is passionate about translating medical research into benefits for patients and has been involved in local, regional and national efforts to improve care based upon research.  Having published over 100 research papers and holding over £2M in research grants, Alexander feels enormously proud to be a University Nominated Governor as the relationship between research and clinical environments ultimately aims to improve care for patients and their families.

Contact E-mail: governor-alexander.heazell@cmft.nhs.uk



Paul Lally

Councillor Paul Lally

Nominated Governor (Trafford Borough Council) - Term of Office Ends September 2017

Paul has been a Councillor on Trafford Borough Council since 2012. His responsibilities include Chairmanship of the Safety at Sports Grounds Committee. He also sits on the Licensing and Public Protection Committees and is a local authority governor at an infant school and a primary school.

He lives in and represents Flixton, close to Trafford General Hospital, and is married with two children.

Paul works full time in Direct Sales and Marketing for a commercial financial company.  Recently he was proud to be part of the Corporate Social Responsibility team that raised over £2.5k during a three month period, for the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital's "Many Hands" campaign.

Volunteering in local hospitals is close to Paul's heart as he spent many hours as part of a hospital broadcasting team.  During that time he was able to listen, inform and entertain patients.

Paul is delighted to be able to have an input into shaping the future of the NHS by engaging with local decision makers to ensure every voice is heard when projects like "Living Longer and Living Better" and "Healthier Together" are implemented.

Contact E-mail:  governor-paul.lally@cmft.nhs.uk


Mariam Naseem

Mariam Naseem

Nominated Governor (Youth Forum) - Term of Office Ends September 2018

Mariam is in her second year of sixth form education, and hopes to apply to study dentistry at university. She was nominated as Youth Governor through her role as a Youth Forum member.  She joined the Youth Forum in September 2013, and was elected as Chair which has given her experience of helping to lead meetings.

As a Youth Forum member, Mariam participates in ward visits, as part of the "15 Steps Challenge" assessments, where she raises patient experience factors to matrons.  Mariam also helps with the development of ward posters, leaflets and questionnaires. She has been on the judging panel for the Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Awards, which honours nurses and midwives. She has also taken part in 'The Big Discussion 2' at Birmingham Children's Hospital, representing the Youth Forum in discussing Gillick competency (assesses whether a child has the maturity to make their own decisions and to understand the implications of those decisions).

Contact E-mail:  ft.enquiries@cmft.nhs.uk


Graham Watkins

Graham Watkins

Nominated Governor (Volunteer Services) - Term of Office Ends 2017

Graham has been both a patient and a carer at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for the past 21 years.  Since 2011, he has been a volunteer, assisting visitors and patients throughout the hospitals.  A passionate supporter of the NHS, and the Trust's hospitals, Graham feels honoured to be treated as a member of a team of amazing, dedicated and hard working staff.

For the past three years, Graham has spent most of his volunteering time in the A&E Department at the Manchester Royal Infirmary.  He has also been involved in the setting up and running of the Eco Shuttle Buses on the Central Site.  He regularly drives one of the buses and knows how much this new service is appreciated by patients, visitors and staff.

Prior to Graham's volunteering role, for ten years he was Deputy Head, then Headmaster, of a comprehensive school in Hulme and subsequently Regional Director (Midlands and North West) for Save The Children.

Graham aims actively to keep volunteers informed about the Trust's plans, and reflect their views on how services might be further improved to the Council of Governors.

Contact E-mail:  governor-graham.watkins@cmft.nhs.uk


Jane Worthington Photo

Professor Jane Worthington

Nominated Governor (Manchester University) - Term of Office Ends 2019

Jane is a Professor of Complex Disease Genetics at the University of Manchester where she leads The Arthritis Research UK Centre of Excellence in Genetics and Genomics investigating how inherited factors influence susceptibility, outcome and response to therapy for inflammatory arthritis. She has published over 250 research papers and attracted many millions of pounds of funding for research.

Jane is the University Lead for the NIHR Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit launched in 2012 which supports the translation of research findings towards benefits to patients through experimental medicine.

Since 2013, Jane has been Director of The Institute of Inflammation and Repair, University and Academic Lead for the Inflammation and Repair Domain of The Manchester Academic Health Sciences Centre. In this role she has overseen significant increases in funding for research, increased engagement with industry partners and, through a number of initiatives, a greater connection between research active NHS staff and members of the university.

In August 2016 Jane will become Head of the School of Biological Sciences in the new Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health, an exciting new challenge which will bring many more opportunities to ensure that high quality research informs improved patient care and outcomes.

Contact E-mail:  governor-jane.worthing@cmft.nhs.uk


Annual Governor Election Process

As outlined in our current Constitution, the majority of our Governors are elected from and by our members with all qualifying members that are aged 16 years or over being able to nominate themselves to stand for election as a Governor during the election process.  Elections are held each year (usually commence around Summer/Autumn) for those Governor posts whose term of office is ending or have resigned.

At the start of the election process an invitation letter, from our Chairman, is sent out to all eligible members (where a Governor seat is open for election) to inform them that the election process is starting.  The invitation letter includes the contact details of the external company who facilitates our election process (to request a Nomination Form).  Ballot papers are then sent to members who in turn vote for the candidate(s) that they wish to be elected to our Council of Governors.

For more information about our Governor Election process, please visit our Governor Election webpage.