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Our Forward Plan

Sharing our Plans for the Future with You - Tell us Your Views

Each year the Trust develops forward plans which set out what we plan to do in the coming year and involves balancing the interests of patients, the local community and other stakeholders.  In order to do this effectively we work in conjunction with our partners, including clinical commissioning groups, local councils and NHS England.  By involving a wide range of stakeholders we ensure that what we are aiming to do achieves the national must-dos and dovetails with what our partners in the local health and social care system are doing.

However what is most important to us is that what we are planning to do meets the needs of the people that we serve.  We therefore also seek the views of our Members and the wider public in addition to our Governors (elected representatives for members and the public).

Kathy Cowell, our Chairman, explains how important your views are to us:

"The input we get from Governors, Members and the wider public through forward planning workshops, comments and feedback plays a significant part in shaping both our longer term strategy and our priorities for the coming year. We are committed to developing high quality services that meet the needs of our patients and their families and sharing our forward plans and key priorities."

Our Vision and Core Values

All of our planning is geared towards delivering our vision which is:

'To be recognised internationally as leading healthcare; excelling in quality, safety, patient experience, research, innovation and teaching; dedicated to improving health and wellbeing for our diverse population.'

Our organisational values underpin everything we do and we recognise how important the right attitude and behaviours are to delivering a positive patient and staff experience.

Our core values are:

Pride, Respect, Empathy, Consideration, Compassion and Dignity.

Operational Plan 2016/17

Please click here for a copy of the full Public Version of our Operational Plan (2016-17) which the plan-on-a-page below summarises.


To be recognised internationally as leading healthcare; excelling in quality, safety, patient experience, research, innovation and teaching; dedicated to improving health and well-being for our diverse population

Strategic Aims

Key Priorities for 2016/17

Improving the safety and clinical quality of our services


Delivering safe, harm-free care focusing on evidence based pathways, supervision and clinical leadership and embedding CMFT Clinical Standards in day to day practice


Ensure professionally informed, evidence based nursing and midwifery establishments supported by recruiting and retaining an engaged workforce able to respond to future care delivery needs


Achieve all key NHS commissioned standards and deliverables, including access and quality outcomes


Delivery against the Trusts Transformation strategy with the aim to reach the top decile for quality - clinical outcomes, safety, patient and staff engagement & experience and operational efficiency measures.

Improving the experience for patients, carers and their families


Deliver well-led compassionate, individualised care in partnership with patients and families in appropriate environments, safeguarding vulnerable people

Developing our specialist services and, with our partners in health and social care, leading on the development and implementation of integrated care


Playing our part in transforming the health and social care system through supporting Greater Manchester Devolution, and the delivery of Locality Plans (particularly in Manchester and Trafford)

Providing our patients with cutting edge care through applied research and innovation to deliver improved safety, clinical quality and a patient centred approach to our services


Strengthen and drive the translation of cutting-edge science into new tests and treatments that benefit patients


Drive engagement with research through participant recruitment, public and patient involvement (PPI)*, and communications

*PPI in research can comprise using public and patient input to: shape the direction of our research; design studies in a way that maximises the retention of volunteers; and ensure patient information is accessible.

Providing the best quality assured education and training


Delivering excellent education and learning with the aim of further developing reputation, innovation and attracting and retaining a highly skilled workforce


Developing our organisation, supporting the well-being of our workforce and enabling each member of staff to reach their full potential


Implement the OD Strategy, focusing on: developing a high performing, inclusive and values based culture that increases organisational resilience and agility and City of Manchester system leadership and integration (LCO)


Implement the people strategy focusing on: workforce information and policies, workforce design and succession planning, attraction and resourcing; staff engagement; talent and performance management


Develop a clear action plan and measurement framework to implement three year ED&I strategy

Remaining financially stable


Ensure short & medium term financial stabilisation, the on-going management of cash and ensuring the delivery of CIPs


To refresh the 'Going Digital' Informatics strategy for 2016-21, following engagement and consultation on this with stakeholders

Governor Role in relation to the forward planning process

The majority of our Governors are elected by our Members to represent their views and opinions.  Governors have a key role in relation to the development of the Trust's forward plans.  Their duties include:

  • Canvassing the opinion of members and the public, and for appointed Governors the body they represent, on our forward plan, including its objectives, priorities and strategy, and their views should be communicated to the Board of Directors.
  • Informing stakeholders of our forward plans and the reasoning behind it.

We seek the views of our members in a number of ways including:

-Welcoming views and opinions via our membership newsletter (Foundation Focus Newsflash)

-Contacting Governors via our web-site

-Encouraging views to be forwarded to Governors at any time

-Inviting the views and opinions of our Members and the public during attendance at our Membership Events via direct engagement with Governors

-Participating in interactive questionnaires.

The views and opinions received are captured as part of the Trust's Membership Forward Plan Report and are considered by the Board of Directors and Governors as part of our Annual Forward Planning Process.  Suggestions received to improve our services are forwarded to relevant Trust programmes of work i.e. Transformation and Quality.  Governors actively participated in the development of the Trust's Operational (2016-17) Plan at the Governors' Annual Forward Planning Workshop held on 26th January 2016.

Your Views Matter to Us:

Governors welcome the opinion of our Members and the public in relation to our forward plans - click here for a copy of the Public Version of our Operational Plan 2016-17 or contact the Foundation Trust Membership Office for a hard copy.

The planning process for 2017-2018 is now complete, and the draft plans have been submitted to the Board of Directors and Governors. Governors are your voice and if you would like to share any views, feedback or comments regarding our forward plans, or if you have any other ideas and suggestions, you can contact Governors directly - e-mail contact details are listed below each pen portrait on our "Meet the Governors" webpage.  Alternatively you can contact the Foundation Trust Membership Office.

.....Further information about member and public involvement in our Forward Planning process is outlined in our Forward Planning - Frequently Asked Questions or by contacting the Foundation Trust Membership Office.

If you have a specific concern or complaint, please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

How to Join Membership of our NHS Foundation Trust

We are firmly committed to our patients, staff and communities.  Around 14,700 members of the public have already signed up to become members. If you, your family, friends or colleagues are interested in becoming a member, please contact the FT Membership Office (details as above) for an application form, or join via our on-line Membership Application Form.