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How to perform a fine needle aspiration

  • Disinfect skin using pre-packed alcohol swabs
  • Before insertion of needle wipe away any excess ultrasound jelly with tissue paper (if U/S guided)
  • Perform the aspiration according to the instructions A to G

(Figure taken from Fine Needle Aspiration, (2005), 4th Edition, S. Oreell; G.F. Sterrett; and D. Whittaker; Elsevier Churchill Livingstone)

A Position needle within target tissue FNA-A
B Pull plunger to apply negative pressure FNA-B
C Move needle back and forth inside target FNA-C
D Release negative pressure while needle remains in target tissue
E Withdraw needle FNA-E
F Detach needle and draw air into syringe FNA-F
G Push a drop of sample onto microscopy slide FNA-G

(Last reviewed 27th February 2018)