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Haemolytics tests

Here is a list of the haemolytics tests carried out by the Haematology department, together with specimen requirements and the estimated time it will take to produce a result.

The results availability times given here represent the time generally required to produce a result following receipt of the sample in the laboratory. Sample transport times are not included.

Where appropriate, if a result is required the same day samples must be received sufficiently early to allow completion of the test. Contact the lab if the test you require is not listed.

Inform the laboratory if a test is to be performed urgently.

These tests are available during the normal working day. See a list of haematology tests available outside core working hours.

For further advice or information call 0161 276 4689.

From April 6th we will be using the Sarstedt blood tube system - see the colour coded conversion chart.

Test Specimen requirements

Urgent results available (from time of receipt in lab)

Inform the lab if a test is to be performed immediately
Non-urgent results available (from time of receipt in lab) Report available
Urgent/pre-operative HbS screening test (Pts > 1 yr old) 1x4ml EDTA 30min 24hr 10-14 workdays

Routine Haemoglobinopathy

1 x 4ml EDTA N/A 10 workdays

10-14 workdays


Universal Antenatal Haemoglobinopathy Screening

1 x 4ml EDTA Provisional report: 3 workdays 5 workdays 7 workdays

DNA Testing for the Haemoglobinopathies*

4 x 4ml EDTA N/A N/A N/A
G6PD Screen 1 x 4ml EDTA

Within 4 hours

Call lab. Samples screened on Fridays by arrangement with lab.
3 workdays 5 workdays

G6PD Assay (if screen gives intermediate or reduced result)

1 x 4ml EDTA N/A 3 workdays 5 workdays


*North West Genetic Diagnostic Service for Haemoglobinopathy

All requests for genetic diagnosis in haemoglobinopathy which are approved under the NW SHA Indications for Genetic Diagnosis of Haemoglobinopathy algorithm are centrally funded. Find associated forms and guidance from the Manchester Haemoglobinopathy Diagnostic Service.

For haemoglobinopathy genetic studies, contact Dr Steve Keeney, Molecular Diagnostics Centre, 0161 276 4809.

For Red Cell Haemolytic Screen contact the laboratory on 0161 276 4689.