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Neutrophil Function (DHR) Test

General information

Chronic Granulomatous disease (CGD) is an inherited immunodeficiency resulting from the inability of an individual's neutrophils to produce superoxide ions because of defective NADPH oxidase.

Normally this series of reactions, which is better known as the 'neutrophil respiratory burst' or oxidative burst, results in the production of hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid and other reactive oxygen species.

The end products of this process are highly toxic to ingested microorganisms and the process has long been recognized as an essential part of the host's innate immunity.

It is a first line of defense against acute bacterial and fungal infections. CGD patients suffer from recurrent life threatening bacterial infections from birth, although some patients present later in life.

Specimen transport: At room temperature. Sample must be received <4 hours old.

Repeat frequency: Repeat only indicated if the test has failed (particularly if the control sample has failed) or foloowinf bone marrow transplantation of an affected individual.

Laboratory information

Volume and sample type: Peripheral blood in heparin must be received, with the sample <4 hours old.

In addition, a fresh, age (adult for adult, child for child) and sex matched control sample is required..

EDTA blood is not suitable for this test.

Method: Flow cytometry

Turnaround time (calendar days from sample receipt to authorised result): Mean - 2.

Clinical information

Indications for the test: This assay can be used to identify patients with CGD as well as carriers of the defective gene responsible for the condition.

Factors affecting the test: Temperature, delay in processing and sample type.

MPO deficiency may cause false positive results.


ICE reference: Neutrophil Function (DHR)


(Last updated August 29th 2018)