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Polyendocrine autoimmunity

This section deals with the clinical condition polyendocrine autoimmunity, listing the relevant immunological tests, together with a short explanation of their use.

Relevant immunological tests:

In addition:

Type 1: Usually presents under 10 yrs old, m=f. Hypoparathyroidism, adrenal failure and candidiasis also hepatitis, alopecia, delayed puberty, etc.

Type 2: Occurs in adolescence/early adulthood, f>m, Addison's + thyroid failure + type 1 diabetes mellitus M - maybe gonadal failure, vitiligo.

Type 3: Generally older, f>>m, autoimmune thyroiditis together with diabetes mellitus, gastric autoimmunity (GPC, anti-IF) - maybe other such as myasthenia.

The spectrum of results may help confirm the diagnosis.


(Last updated October 10th 2014)