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Virology request forms

You are strongly requested to use these new forms in preference to any other (including previous versions of Virology request forms: please destroy all previous versions) in order to improve the way in which your requests are dealt with.

Please note the following instructions for use; compliance with these will also greatly improve the quality of the service we can deliver to you and ensure the reports reach you in a timely manner.

a) There are now six types of request form (click for example of each form):

b) Because the forms will be scanned electronically, it is important that:

  • All information on the forms must be in block capitals and must be kept within the boxed areas provided. Please do not write over the lines of the boxed areas.
  • The tests required are selected by marking the boxes with an "X".
  • If addressograph labels are used (which we recommend), they should be placed within the "∟" marks that surround this section of the form.
  • All labels attached to the forms must be properly aligned in the appropriate position on the request form.
  • DO NOT use or cover any of the areas that state "For Laboratory Use" - these areas are only for use by this laboratory

c) Details of our specimen acceptance policy can be found on the reverse of the form, along with other useful information.

Finally, we would like to thank you in anticipation of your cooperation in using these forms in the correct way, therefore, greatly improving the quality and speed of the service we can provide.


(Last reviewed March 21st 2018)