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The Enhanced Recovery Programme aims to get you back to full health as soon as possible following your operation.

Only a handful of hospitals in the UK currently provide the Enhanced Recovery programme in hepato-biliary (HPB) surgery.  The Enhanced Recovery team is led by Mr Thomas Satyadas, Consultant HPB Surgeon, who is also an advisor to the Enhanced Recovery Partnership Programme nationally.

Before your procedure

Before your procedure, we will ensure that you are well informed and well prepared for your operation.

You will be admitted to hospital early in the morning on the day of your operation unless you require medical treatment the night before, such as a blood transfusion or medication which you cannot take at home.

You will be given a carbohydrate drink before your operation to keep you hydrated and make sure you are in the best physical condition before, during and after surgery. These carbohydrates can also prevent the feeling of sickness that sometimes follows an operation.

After your procedure

As soon as is comfortable, we will help you to get out of bed and start moving around. We will also help you to start eating and drinking as soon as possible after your operation. Nutrition is an important part of your recovery and you may need to have supplement drinks to support your diet after an operation.

During your stay

Research has shown that active, early rehabilitation after your operation will help you to feel better sooner.  Because of this, you will be encouraged and assisted to:

  • move around as soon as possible after your operation
  • eat and drink a normal diet, or take nutrition supplements if you are not able to eat
  • have any drips, drains or catheters removed during the first couple of days of your recovery

After you leave hospital

We understand that being discharged from hospital can be a worrying time and you will be contacted by a qualified nurse at home to offer support and reassurance following your operation.  We encourage you to give honest feedback about the care you receive so that we can recognise areas of excellence and identify any areas where improvements could be made.