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O - Oral Care

Good oral healthcare reduces risk of lung complications after major surgeryand improves your overall general health.

We want you to concentrate on optimal dentalcare leading up to your surgery by focussing on:

  • Brushing yourteeth twice perday for 2 minutes.Make sure youbrush the sides of yourteeth and along the gumline, especially on the insidesurfaces next to yourtongue and the roof ofyour mouth.
  • Brush the top of yourtongue, as far back as youcan comfortably manage.
  • Cleaning in between theteeth with either dentalfloss or bottle brushes.
  • Use mouthwash once a dayto help control the dental plaque. Also gargle with the mouthwash, to clean the back of your tongue and mouth.
  • Consider getting a scale and polish from your dentist

This process of good dental healthcare will continue in hospital after your surgery.