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BBC Two The Midwives - back for series two!

Midwives Lesley Chan, Miya Bangar, Vicky Holmes and Greta KearneyEveryday we rely on Midwives to look after us and to bring our children safely into the world. But we¹re in the middle of the biggest baby boom in 40 years and the NHS is under pressure like never before.

Pregnancies are more complicated and parents more demanding. So, what¹s it like to be a midwife in Britain today?

This documentary series for BBC TWO is a moving, revealing and heart-warming look at the work of our midwives.

Filming with our midwives at Saint Mary's, as well as other hospitals across the North West, this series shows the extraordinary responsibility we lay upon our midwives and the difficult situations and decisions they face every day. We see them juggling NHS resources and the need to meet patients demands.

We see them dealing with single mums, wealthy families, tearful teens and medical emergencies. We are with them in the most intimate and sometimes challenging situations and we discover that there's much more to being a midwife than just catching the baby. From the frontline of one of the busiest delivery units in the country, to helping women get through their high pregnancies against the odds; from protecting babies once they go home, to learning to become a midwife for the first time, this series reveals what it's like to be a midwife in Britain today.


The Midwives, Episode One - Expect the Unexpected

Some of our midwivesIn this episode we follow the midwives at Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester working on the busy delivery suite. For parents birth is a moment of joy, but things don't always go to plan and midwives are on hand to guide couples through what can often be the most frightening time in their lives.

Lesley used to be a dental nurse but when she had a difficult birth herself she was so inspired by the care she received that she retrained to become a midwife herself. Now she knows first hand just how unpredictable and difficult the job can be. She is looking after Neelam who has type 1 diabetes and has been an in-patient at the hospital for two months.  Her pregnancy is putting increased strain on her already fragile kidneys and she needs constant monitoring.  Luckily for midwife Lesley, Neelam's mother turns up with some natural remedies that she hopes will speed up her birth including a plant root that apparently helps to open the womb! Midwife Gemma is looking after Helen who is having her fourth baby with husband Ben.  Helen is anxious about the birth and for very good reason - 21 weeks into a previous pregnancy she lost a baby.

Thanks to the work of Bereavement Midwives like Vicky and Emma, we learn how they help couples like Helen and Ben come to terms with their loss. Meanwhile Lesley also has to keep an eye on 32-year-old Liza who is pregnant with twins and hoping to deliver naturally. Whilst Lesley likes twins as they are "double the trouble," she gets more than she's bargained for as Liza's birth becomes increasingly more complicated.