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Staff Asked to Swap Red Hearts for Green Ones this Valentine’s Day!

Green Heart

A new sustainability campaign is launching this Valentine's Day to help NHS staff at Central Manchester Hospitals change their behaviour and become more 'energy aware'.

The campaign will launch with a day of activities across the sites, including visits to departments by the new Green Heart mascot. Campaign posters and stickers have been produced to encourage staff to take action and reduce their energy use through sustainable behaviours, such as switching off equipment and lighting when not in use and to take the stairs instead of the lift when possible - to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

In a recent staff survey a third of staff said that they did not know or were not sure of what equipment could be safely turned off and this campaign will help to address this.  Stickers are available to put on equipment to highlight those which are safe to turn off and those which should stay on.

Green Heart 2Claire Igoe, Sustainability Lead said "We employ 12,000 staff, by everyone doing their bit and making small changes to the way they use energy and water, and thinking about the environmental impact of their activities, we can make huge savings in our bills and reinvest this money in frontline patient care."

"Simple changes by staff can assist in making valuable savings, with resulting benefits for patients, the planet and the NHS. We are also currently running a programme called Green Impact, with over 60 staff teams delivering and evidencing sustainable behaviours, in relation to areas including energy, water, waste and travel. This is one of the largest programmes of its kind in the NHS.  The new campaign will work alongside this to engage further groups of staff."

Peter W Mount CBE, Chairman and Board Sustainability Lead said: "We have already implemented a number of energy efficiency measures. We are looking to staff to see how they can help make further energy savings which will have huge benefits and ensures that we deliver on our sustainability commitments of reducing our energy consumption by 2% (around £200,000) a year."

"We are hoping that the Green Heart initiative will illustrate that individual actions can be little but will make a big difference when multiplied across our staff. The Green Heart campaign is all about caring for our environment as well as for our patients."