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Hearing event at Altrincham Hospital – Thursday 11th February 1- 4pm

An awareness event to highlight the services available to support hearing loss and tinnitus will be held at Altrincham Hospital on Thursday 11th February by the Trafford Audiology Department.  The event is being run as part of National Tinnitus Awareness Week.

The awareness event is open to anyone who would like more information about hearing loss and/or tinnitus and the services and support available to help people suffering from these conditions.  Representatives from the British Tinnitus Association, Action on Hearing Loss, and Manchester Tinnitus Support Group will be on hand to offer advice and demonstrate a range of products that can be beneficial.  Audiologists from Trafford Audiology Department will be available to answer questions and explain how you can access the hearing and tinnitus services.  The event is a drop-in session so people are welcome to come along any time between 1.00pm and 4.00pm.

Both tinnitus and hearing loss can affect a person's quality of life and their ability to function effectively.  In the UK, there are over 11 million people (1 in 6 people) who have some form of hearing loss.  People are not always aware that they have a hearing loss that can be helped.  Often their family and friends may notice it first, having to repeat things, raising their voice to be heard or noticing that the TV is set at high volume.  Signs of a potential hearing loss include thinking that other people mumble, having trouble hearing the TV clearly, and struggling to hear in a group or on the telephone.  These can be helped by having a hearing aid fitted.

In the UK, over 10 million people experience some form of tinnitus.  This condition relates to any noise or sound heard in the head or ears without an external source for the sound.  It is sometimes described as whistling, rushing, or humming.  Tinnitus can cause people to feel very anxious and frustrated as they feel they cannot escape the sounds.  It can also be very disruptive and prevent people from sleeping. Often people are told to ignore it as nothing can be done. In fact, there are many things that people can do to help relieve the anxiety associated with tinnitus and reduce their awareness of the sounds being heard.

The Trafford Audiology Department runs a tinnitus clinic where Trafford residents have access to specialist audiologists who will provide information about the causes and nature of tinnitus, reassurance to reduce anxiety, and coping strategies, plus information about ongoing research.

People who require any further information about the event can contact Agnes Pagan or Marion Pollock at Trafford Audiology Department on 0161 746 2304/2306 or e-mail: trafford.audiology@cmft.nhs.uk.