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Midwives Episode 4 draws 2.38 million viewers!

A Baby at any Cost (Episode Four)Midwives

Viewing figures were 2.38 million, up 200,000 from episode one!


It's impossible not to become completely caught up in this affecting film, not just with Steph, but also with Sophie, whose baby might have inherited a short-limb dwarfism condition, and with Karla, whose baby will need emergency treatment as soon as she's born. Radio Times.

Twitter reaction

  • Your team are fantastic - it's people like the families shown that need the NHS and it's you lot that make it possible.#thankyou
  • Loving @The Midwives. Truly inspirational families. So brave
  • Watching The Midwives makes you realise how incredible midwives, pregnancy and childbirth really is #BBC2#themidwives #NHS #congratulations
  • Wonderful St Mary's hospital staff - they've helped that little baby!!! :-) #themidwives #amazing
  • The fab team work is evident, and it's heartening so see such passion for the job. Wonderful.
  • I'm crying my eyes out God bless these medical professionals #themidwives
  • Some inspiring mums on #TheMidwives tonight and some amazing staff.
  • Watching 'The Midwives' on bbc2. surgeons/doctors/nurses/midwives etc are amazing  #totaladmiration
  • Wow the midwives programme is very emotional this week!!!
  • such brave families on tonight's #themidwives humanity and compassion at its best... fab example of inter-professional care @CMFTNHS
  • Loving BBC2's The Midwives. So emotional that I cry every week!
  • Watching #themidwives - an amazing job & makes u even more thankful for what you have! #blessed
  • I'm watching #themidwives #babyatanycost so emotional and amazing
  • Crying at BBC2's The Midwives. A beautifully honest and positive insight into pregnancy and the wonderful people who care for the families.X
  • Loved The Midwives on BBC2 tonight @6Cs in action  #proudofourmidwives
  • Just been watching 'the midwives'. Emotional stuff. Midwives do such a brilliant job.
  • Proper weeping at The Midwives on BBC2, so precious!
  • Watching The Midwives makes you realise how incredible midwives, pregnancy and childbirth really is #BBC2#themidwives #NHS #congratulations
  • Watching this programme is even more motivation to do well on my course this year. Get me full of #distinctions !!#themidwives
  • Watching #themidwives, so lucky to have such a healthy & happy little boy & a great midwife who helped me bring him into the world ♡
  • So humbled by the wonderful people on #themidwives - actually I am an emotional wreck watching it!
  • If you feel inspired by tonight's #themidwives help us support them and join our fundraising Zumbathon#WIGGLE4WOMEN
  • Some inspiring mums on #TheMidwives tonight and some amazing staff.
  • The doctors & nurses are amazing on #TheMidwives
  • Such inspirational and amazing people on #themidwives.

If you missed it, you catch watch it on the BBC iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03b50p8/The_Midwives_Series_2_A_Baby_at_Any_Cost/

Expect the Unexpected (Episode One)

Viewing figures were 2.16 million!


"Just to let you all know there is a couple on The Midwives who are having their rainbow baby following a TFMR at 21 weeks. So pleased they are covering this and in a very sensitive way."

"They covered the subject of bereavement in a very sensitive way"

"I really admire that they are airing such a sensitive issue and admire the parents for sharing their story as it can be a bit of a taboo subject."


"You could not fail to be moved by the midwife who almost broke down when reading a message from another set of parents whose child had been born, as they put it, 'sleeping'. This was an immensely affecting moment in what promises to be a very involving series." Virginia Blackburn, Daily Express


  • Full of emotion after watching @CMFTNHS on #themidwives. So many familiar faces that helped deliver our amazing #twins. They're heaven sent.
  • @CMFTNHS In this current climate of NHS bashing, it was wonderful to see the reality. Amazing professionalism with care & compassion
  • @CMFTNHS my husband never watches but even he let out a cheer when the twins started breathing. We r greatful 4 all u did 4 us 4 yrs ago xxx
  • @StMarysHosp @CMFTNHS you should be very proud as it was a great episode which covered some very moving stories. Well done all :-)
  • @CMFTNHS you should be really proud, you did an amazing job! Such important work and makes such a difference to the families you support.
  • So good to see so many familiar faces from just 3 weeks ago. Amazing staff on an amazing TV show! #TheMidwives
  • @CMFTNHS what a fantastic programme #themidwives , what wonderful, caring and compassionate midwives- Well done them all!
  • Loving watching The Midwives. Filmed where our twins were born. Seeing familiar faces! Mia was the first midwife to take Belle!
  • I've never cried so much at a documentary. @CMFTNHS staff are a credit to the NHS. Professional, kind & caring. #Midwives
  • #themidwives bringing back lots of memories of my 1 year olds birth and first 3 weeks of life at @StMarysHosp ! #emotional
  • In tears already watching #Themidwives. I was on that high risk ward and they are truly amazing midwifes @CMFTNHS
  • I go to St Mary's every week, amazing hospital #themidwives
  • Watching #themidwives and yes its a high risk unit again but love their bereavement work
  • That bereavement suite is amazing. What I wouldn't give to have something like that for families where I work. #themidwives
  • Watching #themidwives now, the bereavement midwifes are just lovely. It must be a ridiculously hard job
  • What a beautiful facility they provide to grieving parents. Wish we had something like that when Nathan was born sleeping. #themidwives
  • Watching #TheMidwives on @BBCTwo. Amazed by work of bereavement midwives. What a great job they do in a difficult situation.
  • Wow how amazing are those bereavement rooms.So Heartbreaking but so lovely that these professionals are so dedicated.
  • I take my hat off to Midwives. I could not do their job. I wouldn't be able to handle the death of a baby. #themidwives
  • Wow. Seeing a whole different side of midwifery makes me wanna do it more! #themidwives
  • Total respect to these very special women and the jobs they do #TheMidwives
  • The professionals on #bbc2 #themidwives are amazing! So caring! They are a credit to the profession
  • Properly brilliant women, these midwives. #TheMidwives
  • The Midwives- much more realistic and representative of what Midwives actually do than the 'other' show edited for entertainment purposes!
  • Fantastic moving dedication from #themidwives on@BBC2. What sensible humane caring people. Can't imagine a better start.
  • "Sometimes I go home thinking I don't want to be a midwife". But thank goodness you are. Amazing. All of you. #TheMidwives
  • Brilliant programme #themidwives
  • @BBC2 #TheMidwives-ExpecttheUnexpected is a truly inspirational documentary.
  • All those who are critical of the #NHS should watch #TheMidwives exemplorary care, compassion & dedication
  • Love how #themidwives love their jobs. They are fab!
  • @CMFTNHS the midwives. Excellent portrayal of a fabulous set of caring staff. Making Compassion in practice a reality #6Cs
  • The moment with the twins had me terrified but she stayed so calm and spotted the problems so quickly. Asset to the NHS #midwives
  • Watching 'The Midwives' really puts things into perspective! Those women are angels!!! #themidwives #lifesavers
  • Watching programs like #TheMidwives makes me feel even more determined to reach my dream of becoming a midwife.
  • How amazing is that midwife. #TheMidwives
  • I would like to be exactly like Alison at @CMFTNHS when I grow up. Amazing, calming presence acknowledged fear, empowered! #TheMidwives
  • Chunks rising up in my throat and fighting back tears watching #themidwives
  • Heart in mouth #themidwives
  • I think that might have been the most dramatic thing I've ever seen on telly #themidwives
  • These midwives are inspirational! The things they do are incredible #themidwives" Watching #themidwives on @BBC2.... These women are sensational and deserve every bit of praise!! #midwives #baby #midwivesrule

If you missed it, you catch watch it on the BBC iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0393bv6/The_Midwives_Expect_the_Unexpected_Expect_the_Unexpected/

Huge thanks to everyone who watched the series and made it the success it was!