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MRI patient is awarded Graeme Clark Scholarship Award

Yesterday, 11th April, Lord Mayor Councillor Elaine Boyes, accompanied by the Lady Mayoress Linda Geoghegan, presented deaf Manchester University student Georgina Grimshaw with a £6,000 Cochlear™ Graeme Clark Scholarship Award at a ceremony in the city.  Georgina who has lived in Tameside all her life is currently studyingMembers of the Implant Team with Georginachemistry at university with the dream of becoming a leading British scientist.

Georgina, 20 years old, was born profoundly deaf and could hear very little with hearing aids.  At the age of four, she was fitted with a Cochlear™ Nucleus® implant which she says changed her life.  Cochlear implants are electronic devices for adults and children who do not receive adequate benefit from conventional hearing aids. Unlike hearing aids, cochlear implants bypass the damaged hair cells in the inner ear and stimulate the hearing nerve directly providing a sense of sound to its user.

Georgina attended mainstream school and with the support of friends, family and hearing healthcare professionals at the Manchester Auditory Implant Centre - as well as lots of hard work and determination - Georgina gained excellent A levels and top marks in an extended project on the development of technology for deaf people.  A second implant at the age of 18 helped Georgina to understand the direction of sound more and to hear better when amongst groups of people.  She now manages well amongst peers at Manchester University with some support from a note-taker in lectures.

Brian Walshe, Marketing Manager Cochlear, Georgina, Brian Walshe, Marketing Manager Cochlear, Georgina, Lord Mayor Councillor Elaine Boyes and the Lady Mayoress Linda GeogheganOn being presented the award Georgina said, "The advances of cochlear technology in my lifetime have been truly life changing for me and have allowed me to achieve my personal goals like anyone else.  With the help of this scholarship, I'm now a step closer to reaching my ultimate goal which is to be a successful scientist.  Being deaf won't stop me if I work hard and have a bit of luck along the way."

A supportive team of hearing healthcare professionals from the Manchester Auditory Implant Centre attended the ceremony.  Lise Henderson, Paediatric Co-ordinator said, "Georgina's cochlear implant has given her the opportunity to achieve so much both personally and academically. She tried so hard with her hearing aids but they just didn't give her the access to speech that she needed and the implant made listening and learning so much easier for her.  The whole family have worked so hard for many years to get the most from Georgina's implant and they should all be very proud of what she has achieved."

Brian Walshe, Marketing Manager of Cochlear commented, "The annual UK Cochlear Graeme Clark Scholarship was set up to help implant recipients achieve more in further education and we are delighted that Georgina has won this year. She certainly deserves our support as she pursues her dreams of becoming a scientist.  Who knows, she may even play a role in our research and development one day!"