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Neurosurgery ‘First’ performed at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Ian Kamaly, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, and his team, recently performed the first operation in the UK in a child under 12 using a medicine called 5-ALA. This causes a brain tumour to fluoresce under an ultraviolet light viewed in a microscope.

Neurosurgery 'First' performed at Royal Manchester Children's HospitalIt allowed the team to completely remove a tumour in a five year old, which had not been possible in two previous operations because of its proximity to eloquent parts of their brain. The child was very well post operation, with no damage to their brain or neurological deficits. Operations to remove brain tumours usually take many hours and feedback from families is that the wait is the most anxious time of their lives, especially if the operation takes longer than expected.

To try and help alleviate this stress the neurosurgical team have introduced telephone updates every 1-2 hours, directly from the operating room to families' mobile phones or hospital phones. They also now call to let them know when the child is leaving Theatre. This simple initiative has improved the experience of these families significantly.