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NHS Change Day - 3rd March

NHS Change Day 1

The first NHS Change Day on March 13th 2013 was unprecedented. It was a 'game changer' that provided the amazing grassroots momentum so many staff, patients and people working with the NHS needed.

NHS Change Day served to harness the passion, drive, commitment and innovation that we see every single day from staff. It used the power of shared purpose to give us the boost to challenge the status quo and try something simple but different to improve patient care.

As one frontline staff member put it: "What was different about Change Day and the reason I was inspired to get involved is that it used the passion and drive of staff to make a difference."

Last year a single tweet sparked a staff-inspired social movement that saw people take collective action and in doing so make 189,000 pledges. It was a proud moment. This year our goal is for 500,000 pledges.

There are some fantastic stories on this website about the improvements that have been made as a result of Change Day. Many are still having a positive impact on individual practice, improving care for patients.

That's because Change Day is not just about a single day of action. It's about making the changes that matter in every day practice - reminding ourselves of why we do what we do.

No matter how big or small the pledges were - from a clinician trying a child's medicine to understand how it tasted to a receptionist promising to smile more - they gave us all a focus and reinforced our belief in the values of the NHS.

Every one of us has a stake in keeping it that way - now and in the future. NHS Change Day 2014 promises to build on the amazing achievements to date. It will see many thousands more people passionate about great patient care pledging to make a difference, sharing what they do and inspiring others to do the same.

Anyone can make a pledge today. It's personal to you.

  • Those who use the NHS, we ask you to join us
  • Those who see a better way but don't feel they have the power or permission to make it happen, we ask you to join with like-minded people and ignite the spirit of collective action
  • Those who are leaders, we are asking you to use your authority to support us - by being an inspiration to others and empowering them to change

We ask everyone to embrace the energy of Change Day on March 3rd 2014 and to PLEDGE, SHARE, DO andINSPIRE. To make the NHS the best is can be.

Let's do something better and courageous together. It's time for NHS Change Day 2014 to begin.