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Orthoptists put you straight

Eye Health WeekThe Manchester Community Orthoptists is a tiny service that makes a big impact on children's visual development, this June they once again took part in National Eye Health Week. The event which ran from 13th-19th June 2011 was great opportunity to promote this award winning service.

To celebrate this years event the Orthoptist's from Newton Heath HC held a stall in the foyer of their busy local ASDA in Wythenshawe.  The theme of the event was 'Are You Sure Their Eyes Are Perfect?' educating parents about the kind of eye problems children can have and what to do about it. The stalls and information available helped to dispel the myth that children will grow out of squints and emphasised how important it was to pick up any eye problem early for treatment to be successful.

The team were also on hand to explain the role of the Orthoptist in the community setting. Leaflets were available with further information, on how to arrange an appointment, as well as a list of all the clinics where the service is located citywide. Including how patching and glasses play a role in improving a lazy eye and the selections of the different type of patches were on display showing that the treatment can be fun.  

The story of Matilda and her experience with the three 'O's - Orthoptist, Optometrist and Ophthalmologist - was told through a series of photos. From the time Matilda's mum suspected she had a squint, through her treatment and eventual surgery.  Her pre and post op pictures were fantastic.

There were free pens, bug eyed rascals with  the 'Orthoptists put you straight' logo on, bookmarks with the same message, stickers and   helium balloons which attracted youngsters and their parents to approach the stands and ask questions. 

The afternoon was a huge success; the main message coming through was that parents were not aware that even very young children are able to have their eyes tested. So the Orthoptists put them 'straight'.