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BRC pump-priming initiative: Support for use of new technologies

BRC pump-priming initiative: Support for use of new technologies

The BRC has invested in a number of cutting edge technologies that are designed to increase the competitiveness of our research and develop new research with the aim of broadening the renewal bid in 2011/12.

In addition, we have set aside funds to support the consumables and running of these technologies and are inviting applications to access these funds. We are particularly keen to support applications that will enhance the ability of CMMC researchers to apply successfully for programme or project grants awards, e.g. by providing pilot data. At this stage we are inviting applications for research using the technologies outlined below, but future calls will be made when other facilities such as proteomics come on stream.

Affymetrix DNA arrays The Manchester Biomedical research centre undertakes autozygosity mapping, linkage analysis, and copy number analysis using the Affymetrix Genechip Instrument system. The arrays used are both the Genome Wide Human SNP array V6.0 or Human Mapping 250K Nsp Array.

Essentially, the entire human genome can be measured. Data analysis is key, and will also be provided. The huge power of this approach is best suited to exploratory studies, and promising leads usually require extensive additional verification, before confident conclusions can be drawn. It is imperative that studies are designed prospectively in conjunction with the BRC team to ensure maximum yield; for information regarding design of potential studies contact Prof G Black (graeme.black@manchester.ac.uk ).

The cost to use this equipment should be budgeted at £350-500 per sample (250K, V6.0 arrays respectively) Bioplex/Luminex bead array. This is a protein analysis platform. It is suited to simultaneous measurement of multiple cytokines and growth factors in biological fluids, such as serum, plasma, CSF, or in cell conditioned medium. The throughput is high, with good accuracy, based on small volume input. In addition the machine will profile the activation state of multiple intracellular signaling kinases in cell, and tissue samples, eg JNK, p38 and ERKs. This provides an alternative to immunoblotting, but allows much better quantitation between samples, and between sample runs; for information regarding design of potential studies contact Prof D Ray (david.ray@manchester.ac.uk ).

In order to measure a single cytokine, or other analyte in a complete 96 well plate the estimated cost is £1600. Details of the approach can be found on the Biorad website.

Additional Information In order to increase the number of investigators across CMMC who are able to access these platforms the BRC has identified funds to support established investigators with an ambition to utilise them. As with previous pump-priming initiative, these funds are aimed at investigators who are keen to submit a programme/project grant applications but require additional pilot data to support their application. Technical support to run the samples will be provided. Using the estimated costs for each of the technologies - as detailed above - you need to identify the extent of the additional support requested (Max £20,000K)

If you have any queries or questions regarding the methodologies (or your proposal) please contact Professor Graeme Black (Affymetrix gene array,) or Professor David Ray (Sequenom , Bioplex/Luminex bead array).

Application Process

In order to apply, you will need to submit an application of no more than 2 pages including the following sections:

i) Your research question (1 page)

ii) Your team (1/2 page)

iii) The support you would like to request including costings (1/2 page)

As with all BRC pump-priming initiatives, applications will be subject to a rigorous peer-review process and awards will be made on the condition that a programme or project grant application is submitted within 12 months. Application should be sent to Caroline Boston (caroline.boston@cmmc.nhs.uk ) by 1st February 2009