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Patient Stories

Hannah's story

Hannah is a patient at Saint Mary's Hospital, Booth Hall and the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. Her parents Ursula and John are well aware of how a single site children's hospital would help with their daughter's treatment. The Trust has another 18,000 children like Hannah who travel between the different hospitals for treatment.

Hannah's story began just four month's into the pregnancy when an ultrasound scan showed that she was suffering from Exomphalos Major, a condition where her liver and bowels were growing outside her body. The pregnancy was carefully monitored by staff at Saint Mary's and after delivery she spent several weeks on the Neonatal Surgical Unit.

Hannah was operated on at just one week old to try and replace some of the organs back into the abdominal cavity, but there wasn't enough room. A week later Mr Davenport from Booth Hall Children's Hospital and Mr Bowen from the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital performed a skin graft, and she will need further surgery in the years ahead.

The difficulty of having specialist clinicians on different sites is highlighted by her mum, Ursula, who explains what happened on the day of her second operation: "The operation had to be scheduled around not only theatre time, but also the availability of both surgeons. We had to wait for the surgeons to come over from the two other hospitals - both doctors using valuable time out of their busy days to travel over in rush hour traffic. Although I am delighted with the standard of care Hannah has received, I am sure that problems like this would not occur if all the specialists were working at one hospital."

Although Hannah is now at home and progressing well, her care by the Trust at different hospitals continues - she is now under the care of Mr Legatte at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital for difficulties she is experiencing with her skull, and also attends an outpatient cardiology clinic at Saint Mary's Hospital. Her mum believes that the new Children's Hospital will be a huge step forward in ensuring a seamless transition of care for all the children who use the hospitals.

Sophie's story

The parents of eight year old Sophie know from first-hand experience just how much better it will be to have all paediatric specialist services on one site. Their daughter was admitted to Booth Hall Children's Hospital in May 2002 with a severe chest infection that turned into pneumonia. After three days Sophie's condition worsened and she needed to be transferred to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, six miles away. Sophie underwent life-saving surgery and after thee days on a ventilator, began to recover slowly. Now fully returned to good health her parents Yvonne and Michael still remember the stress at the time.

Yvonne says: "All the staff at both hospitals were fabulous, and I can't thank them enough for the high standard of care and support the family received. However it would have been so much better had Sophie been able to have all her treatment at one hospital. Sophie is absolutely fine but I'm sure every parent in our position would be glad that the need to transfer young, vulnerable children between hospital sites will become a thing of the past."