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Welcome to April's e-bulletin, which gives Governors news and information about our Trust and what is going on in the NHS.

We are still remembering our official opening with great affection.  To mark this and the Jubilee we are producing a commemorative brochure, DVD and pin badge for all our staff and Governors.  The Board has also agreed to allocate an additional Bank Holiday for staff on Tuesday 5th June.  This means that those staff required to work will be entitled to Bank Holiday pay and terms.  The visit also had a positive impact on our social media activity.  Our Twitter followers increased by 10%, meaning we now have 641 followers, and our Facebook 'likes' doubled to 216, now reaching a potential audience of 58,852.

During March we held the annual reviews for each of the working groups with the Governor Chairs and supporting directors. It is important that you are informed about progress which is being made to improve the experiences of our patients and visitors particularly when it has been an issue which has been raised through our Governor forums.  Below you will find an up-date on the new patient Self Check-In system which is about to go live at the Children's Hospital.

1st April saw our successful acquisition of Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust completed. We have a long established relationship with Trafford Healthcare Trust and have been working with them over the provision of some services for a number of years.  We want to ensure that high quality services continue to be provided in Trafford and we are in a strong position to ensure that this is possible.

If there is anything I can do to assist you in your role as a Governor, please contact me on 0161 276 8661 or at


North West News



Greater Manchester A&E bosses slammed over waiting times

Hundreds of people are waiting more then four hours for emergency treatment as hospitals across Greater Manchester struggle to meet targets.

Medics are expected to treat, transfer or admit 95% of A&E patients within four hours but Central Manchester Hospitals failed to manage this for 10 of the first 14 weeks this year.

People were also left waiting for treatment elsewhere in the region as Royal Bolton Hospital fell below target for nine weeks, Wythenshawe Hospital failed for six weeks of the year and Salford Royal for five.

The Trust has seen a steady increase in attendances at A&E compared to last year and has implemented a range of actions to improve performance

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A and E



NHS News



Men set to live as long as women, figures show

The gap between male and female life expectancy is closing and men could catch up by 2030, according to an adviser for the Office for National Statistics.

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New Major Trauma Centres Launched

A network of 22 new centres specialising in treating patients who suffer from major trauma will open across England, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has just announced.

These specialist trauma centres will provide round-the-clock life saving treatment for seriously injured patients such as those who have head injuries, stab wounds or have been in a car accident.

Our organisation is involved in this with both MRI and Royal Manchester Children's Hospital as centres.

For further details:

Local centre news:

Health and Social Care Bill Gains Royal Assent

The Health and Social Care Bill has gained Royal Assent to become the Health and Social Care Act (2012).

The core principles of the Act say that doctors and nurses will be able to tailor services for their patients, more choice will be given to patients over how they are treated, and bureaucracy in the NHS will be reduced.

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Our Trust Charity News



Humphrey's Olympic Challenge

OlympicHumphrey recently went to the Olympic Stadium to take part in a parade and a 100m mascot race as part of Gold Challenge.

Humphrey took part in the event after winning a national vote to be there! Our loveable green bear was accompanied in the parade by 30 pupils, students and staff from Blackrod Primary School and Siddal Moors Sports College who are fundraising for the hospital by taking part in Gold Challenge.

After meeting other participants, Humphrey then refocused on the challenge ahead of running 100m.  As he had won the national vote, Humphrey led all the mascots out to take their places with Humphrey being placed in lane one.  When the starting gun went Humphrey ran and crossed the line in fourth place.

To find out more about Gold Challenge visit

Mascot Race



Trust News



In the News - Feature on Nursing

This article featured in the Independent recently focusing on the work of our nursing staff.  This article is the fourth in a series which is looking at the "crisis in nursing".

Gill Heaton commented: "I am delighted to say that the Journalist who visited the Trust has done us proud in reflecting the exemplary work that is carried out on all of our wards every day despite all of the pressures and demands that are placed on our staff. "Even though the article only focuses on a small number of us, it is to all of your credit that we are in a position to present such a positive picture compared to that which sometimes exists in other organisations. To view the article:

Cardiac patients become first in UK to benefit from new technology

The cardiac team at the Manchester Heart Centre have successfully implanted the first Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator (ICD) that can be used with Magnetic Resonance Imagining (MRI) scans.  MRI uses strong magnets, radio waves and computers to take very detailed pictures of internal organs which are widely used in the management of medical conditions including cancer and joint problems.

Previously, patients with implantable devices such as pacemakers and ICDs were unable to have MRI scans because of potential damage to the heart and device so that doctors were forced to use much less detailed scans to investigate patients.

Read the full story at: /media-centre/latest-news/cardiac-patients-at-manchester-royal-infirmary-become-first-in-the-uk-to-benefit-from-new-technology.aspx

Surgeons first in the country to use first standalone 3D system for prostate cancer surgery

3D Robot Surgery

Surgeons at the Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI) have become the first to use 3D technology in what is hoped to be the first of many operations using this technique.

A 62 year old male has undergone a 3D hand-held robotically assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy; meaning the prostate which contains a small cancer will be completely removed.  However, for the first time in the UK, handheld robot technology has been used in conjunction with 3D technology.

Read the full story at: /media-centre/latest-news/surgeons-at-manchester-royal-infirmary-first-in-the-country-to-use-first-standalone-3d-system-for-prostate-cancer-surgery.aspx

Beating the Bugs

We can once again celebrate our triumph in reducing the number of Healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) with just four incidents of MRSA bacteraemias reported to the Department of Health for the year 2011/12. For the third year running we have achieved less than ten incidents.

This is excellent progress particularly compared to the early years when the MRSA objective was first set at that time the Trust had 54 incidents in 2005/6 and 59 in 2006/7.The same success applies to numbers of reports for Clostridium difficile infection. There have been 80 cases identified which is 17% under the objective of 96 for the year 2011/12.

The Infection Prevention and Control Team also monitor the monthly blood culture contamination rates which between 2005 and 2012 have been reduced from 14% to around 3%.

There is no room for complacency as our target will always be zero avoidable infections but congratulations and well done to everyone.

New Self Check-In & Patient Calling System 'Coming Soon' to RMCHSelf checkin

From next month families are able to use the new Self Check-In & Patient Calling System at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Out-patients Department.

Families go straight to the kiosks located within the hospital atrium and either scan the bar code on the appointment letter or enter the patient's details.Patients are then directed to the appropriate clinic area.

In response to feedback this new system is being introduced to improve and speed up the check-in process for families.Each clinic waiting area within the main Out-patients area has a wall mounted TV screen which notifies families when to proceed to the clinic room.The benefits of the new system include:

Faster patient check-in.

Reduced queues in Out-patients.

Text on self check-in screens available in six languages.

Staff in main Out-patients Department will be able to call for the next patient from their PC.

Families in the main Out-patient area will be called to the clinic room via a wall mounted TV screen.

£11 million cleft research study will have global impact

The largest ever research programme into cleft lip and palate will bring huge potential benefit to patients around the world, say scientists speaking at the project's launch recently.

Cleft is one of the most common congenital abnormalities in the world, affecting 1,200 children born in the UK every year, but little is known about its causes, with opinion divided on best treatments.

The Universities of Manchester and Bristol will lead the programme, in partnership with our Trust, the NIHR Medicines for Children Research Network Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Liverpool and the University of the West of England.

In Manchester, researchers will run a programme of clinical studies, while in Bristol scientists will host a cleft gene bank and cohort study.

Read the full story at:   /media-centre/latest-news/£11-million-cleft-research-study-will-have-global-impact.aspx



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Ongoing activities include:



Membership Matters



Ongoing activities include:



Governor Diary Dates



Wed. 2nd May                           
Membership working group                                
2.30 pm - 4.00 pm

Tuesday 8th May                       
Youth Forum                                                    
6.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Friday 18th May                        
Patient Experience                                            
2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Wed 30th May                           
Governor Development Session (Governor Role & Membership Engagement)
1.00 pm - 4.30 pm

Tues 3rd July                            
Young People's Event
10.30am - 3.00pm

Wed 4th July                             
Council of Governors                                         
1.30 pm - 4.00 pm

Tues 10th July                           
Governor Development Session (Summer Lunch Event with Chairman)
12.00 noon - 1.30 pm

Tuesday 10th July                      
Youth Forum                                                    
6.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Wed 11th July                            
Staff Health & Wellbeing working group               
2.30 pm - 4.00 pm

Wed 18th Jul                             
Performance Indicator group                               
11.00 am - 12.30 pm

Monday 23rd July                       
Corporate Citizenship working group                   
2.30 pm - 4.00 pm

Tues 24th July                           
Governor Development Session (Summer Lunch Event with Chairman)
12.00 noon - 1.30 pm

Weds 25th July
Governor Development Session (Summer Lunch Event with Chairman)

12.00 noon - 1.30 pm
Wed. 1st August
Membership working group                                
2.30 pm - 4.00 pm

Tuesday 11th September
Youth Forum                                                    
6.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Friday 14th September               
Patient Experience                                            
2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Tuesday 18th September
Annual Members' Meeting                                 
1.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Wed 17th October                      
Council of Governors                                         
1.30 pm - 4.00 pm



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