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Dual Kit Request

Who can request a test from RU Clear

RUClear offer free Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea tests and free HIV and Syphilis tests to Hull and East Ridings residents from their 16th birthday with no upper age limit.


Please note that the two kits will be delivered as separate items

About the HIV Test Kit

The Dry Blood Spot Test that we are offering is of a high standard and if taken correctly is as accurate as any blood test taken in any clinic for HIV and syphilis.

With early diagnosis treatment can keep the HIV virus under control and the immune system healthy. People on HIV treatment can live a long and healthy, active life. However if HIV is diagnosed late, treatment may be less effective and therefore affect quality of life.

HIV and syphilis tests MAY NOT ALWAYS find recently acquired infections: It may take up to 3 months for a new infection to give a positive result. 

As with any test for Syphilis or/and HIV if you have a positive test you will need to attend a clinic for further blood test to confirm result and to speak to a member of staff about the result.

About the Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea test Kit

The test comes in a plain box, that fits easily through a letter box. The outside of the box will only contain your name, address and postal stamp.

You will receive everything you need to be able to perform the test of your choice and a clear instruction leaflet to help you. Women have the choice of a self-taken lower vaginal swab or a urine test, whilst both are accurate tests latest research shows self taken vaginal swabs to be more sensitive. If you feel you need more support, or want more information please contact our office on 0800 046 1303 and we will be happy to help.

To send the kits back to us you will get a freepost envelope with in your test kit, just pop your test and forms into here and put it in your nearest post box.

It's as easy as that!

We will then contact your within 2 weeks with your results, if you haven't heard from us within this time please contact our office on 0800 046 1303.


Under 16

If you are under 16 we are unable to send you a postal kit, please click here to find your local clinic/service where you can access testing.

Out of Area Request

Any underage or out of area requests unfortunately will not be sent out. You can find your local  services by logging on  the national Chlamydia Screening Website to locate your nearest postal service or clinic.

Request the test kit

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All postal kits are sent out the same or next working day after we receive the request, by 1st class post.


By ordering a home postal test you are acknowledging that you have read our Confidentiality Statement



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Research shows that the swab test may be slightly more sensitive at detecting vaginal chlamydia infections

Call 0800 0461303 (Confidential Advice Line)