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Manchester Eye Bank


The Bristol and Manchester Eye Banks form part of the Corneal Transplant Service, being the only two banks providing the service at the national level, whereas the smaller banks only serve local hospitals.

As one of the largest eye banks in Europe, the Manchester Eye Bank plays a crucial part in the transplant of corneas. In the last year the Eye Bank processed over 2000 eyes.

A cornea is a transparent five pence sized tissue, which covers the front of the eye. If as a result of injury, infection or disease, the cornea becomes 'foggy' or clouded, vision can be impaired or in some instances deteriorate entirely.

The only substitute for a human cornea is another human cornea donated at death. Transplantation involves replacing the damaged cornea with a healthy one from a donor, via an eye bank.

The Manchester Eye Bank processes donated eyes from across the country, preparing corneas for graft surgery, which helps to restore sight.

Virtually anyone can donate his or her eyes and any donor tissue which might not be suitable for transplant can, be used for medical or research purposes, pending consent from the donor.

To be able to donate, in the first instance you need to register in the Organ Donor Register (this can be done online). It's also important to let your family know of your wish to donate as your next of kin will be responsible for granting consent. Talking to them about your decision will help to make the process easier for them.


Eye Laboratory Coordinator: Dr Isaac Zambrano

Deputy Managers: Tom Kelly, Julie Cawley

Service Technicians: Ranbir Arif, Josephine Hynes, Susan Rhodes


The Manchester Eye Bank is on call 24/7 to receive donations.


4th Floor, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital


0161 276 5623


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