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Patient Information Library

Below is a list of the full library of information we have available. If you would like a paper copy please ask a member of staff when you next attend the hospital.


Acute / Emergency REH 062 Adenoviral Conjunctivitis
REH 165 Being an urgent retinal surgery patient
REH 140 Chlamydia Trachomatis (coming soon)
REH 197 Acute services EEC/ARC
REH 104 Subconjunctival haemorrhage


Visiting MREH REH 061 Welcome to New Patients
REH 219 Welcome Patients to MREH at Altrincham Hospital


General Ophthalmology and Eye Care REH 046 About your eye drops
REH 175 Amaurosis Fugax
REH 039 Blepharitis
REH 002 Charles Bonnet syndrome/ visual hallucination
REH 128 Cyclodiode Laser (coming soon)
REH 004 Drop and ointment instructions with times (coming soon)
REH 003 Drop and ointment instructions without times (coming soon)
REH 094 Dry Eyes (coming soon)
REH 150 Eye safety
REH 088 Following YAG laser
REH 176 Horner's Syndrome
REH 037 How to apply your eye pad (coming soon)
REH 189 Laser capsulotomy
REH 127 Laser Iridotomy
REH 048 Laser treatment (coming soon)
REH 168 Making the most of your sight Who can help?
REH 040 Monocular vision (coming soon)
REH 204 Myasthenia Gravis drug interaction (coming soon)
REH 216 Myasthenic Crisis
REH 126 Record of eye drop regime & plan of care (coming soon)
REH 052 Registration of blind and partially sighted Pts
REH 174 SLT laser
REH 127 Laser Iridotomy
REH 142 Suggested lubricant eye drops (coming soon)
REH 167 Temporal Arteritis
REH 015 Thyroid eye disease
REH 083 Treatment with Prednisolone
REH 065 Using Eye drops
REH 033 Your eye ointment


Cataract REH 058 Following cataract surgery at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (coming soon)
REH 113 Following cataract surgery at WCH (coming soon)
REH 211 Nevanac eye drops for patients with diabetes having a cataract operation
REH 001 Cataract surgery at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
REH 001W Cataract surgery at Withington Cataract Centre



Corneal REH 055 Care of fascia lata donor sites (coming soon)
REH 210 Contact Lenses for Kerataconus
REH 201 Corneal Abrasion
REH 154 Corneal Transplantation (coming soon)
REH 226 Graft versus host disease and the eyes
REH 105 Herpes Simplex keratitis (Dendritic ulcer)
REH 209 Kerataconus and Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
REH 185 Marginal Ulcer
REH 180 Recurrent corneal erosion


Glaucoma REH 215 Argon Laser Peripheral Iridoplasty
REH 135 Bleb Needling
REH 110 Community OLGA clinic (coming soon)
REH 178 Day Phasing
REH 225 Deep Sclerectomy for the treatment of glaucoma (coming soon)
REH 129 Following trabeculectomy surgery: 5fu Injection
REH 228 GEC at Altrincham
REH 186 Get a grip on glaucoma
REH 205 Get a grip on glaucoma booklet 1
REH 206 Get a grip on glaucoma booklet 2
REH 191 Glaucoma drainage tube surgery
REH 192 Glaucoma Evaluation Clinic (GEC)
REH 183 Glaucoma stents
REH 131 Laser Trabeculoplasty (coming soon)
REH 227 OLGA at Altrincham
REH 086 OLGA clinic
REH 107 Preparing for your appointment with the Glaucoma Service
REH 193 Preparing for your eye hospital glaucoma appt
REH 063 Trabeculectomy
REH 237 Ask and Tell with the RNIB


Medical Retinal REH 158 Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR)
REH 159 Intravitreal Injection (coming soon)
REH 198 Lucentis for Diabetic Macula Oedema
REH 005 Macular Degeneration (coming soon)
REH 060 Macular Hole
REH 117 Macular Treatment Centre Your appt explained (coming soon)
REH 230 Oraya Therapy
REH 188 Ozurdex Intravitreal injection
REH 190 Retinal Detachment
REH 162 Retinal vein occlusion (coming soon)
REH 199 Treating RVO with Lucentis (ranizumab)
REH 212 Treatment of AMD by intravitreal injection
REH 217 Treatment of Diabetic Macular Oedema (DMO)
REH 213 Treatment of myopic CNV with Lucentis
REH 218 Treatment of Retinal vein Occlusion (RVO)
REH 238 Hydroxychloroquine screening


Neuro-ophthalmology and adult strabismus REH 133 Adult strabismus surgery with adjustable sutures (coming soon)
REH 220 Atropine Occlusion Treatment for Amblyopia
REH 229 Botulinum Toxin Injection for squint in children
REH 130 Botulinum Toxin Injection for strabismus
REH 056 Electrodiagnosis clinic: your questions answered
REH 171 Ideopathic Intracranial Hypertension
REH 170 Microvascular Cranial Nerve palsy
REH 173 Optic Neuritis
REH 096 The neuro-ophthalmology clinic (coming soon)


Oculoplastics REH 041 Care of split thickness skin graft (coming soon)
REH 196 Chalazion
REH 203 Congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction
REH 011 DCR & Lester Jones Tubes
REH 042 Electrolysis of eyelashes (coming soon)
REH 012 Endoscopic DCR with stents
REH 043 Entropion pre - op instruction sheet (coming soon)
REH 017 Enucleation before and after surgery
REH 161 Episcleritis
REH 019 Eviseration
REH 010 External DCR and stents Info before your operation (coming soon)
REH 208 Facial function (coming soon)
REH 026 Following External DCR and stents (adult) (coming soon)
REH 074 Following lid surgery (guidance) (coming soon)
REH 214 Everting sutures
REH 214 Everting sutures
REH 091 Following lid surgery (instructions) (coming soon)
REH 155 Insertion and removal of an artificial eye (coming soon)
REH 112 Insertion of Punctum plugs for dry eyes
REH 008 Mohs surgery (coming soon)
REH 194 Nurse led minor operations theatre list
REH 009 Orbital decompression
REH 164 Polypropylene brow suspension post op inst
REH 016 Post op instructions foll endoscopic DCR & Stents
REH 099 Probing of tear ducts (coming soon)
REH 013 Ptosis (Adult)
REH 038 Removal of a cyst
REH 028 Use & Care of cosmetic shell
REH 027 Use & care of facial prosthesis
REH 036 Use and care of conformer (coming soon)
REH 032 Use and care of your artificial eye


Paediatrics REH 141 Probing & Stent advice for parents (coming soon)
REH 172 Cataracts in babies and children
REH 187 Children fitted with Contact lenses following cataract surgery
REH 184 Following your child's corneal transplant
REH 233 Screening for Uveitis
REH 098 How to do your child's first eye dressing (coming soon)
REH 200 Squint surgery in children
REH 097 Using Eye ointment instructions for parents (coming soon)


Uveitis REH 075 Iritis (coming soon)


Vitreo-Retinal REH 166 Epiretinal membrane
REH 059 Following vitreoretinal surgery: Posturing (coming soon)
REH 092 Post op instructions for VR pts required to posture (coming soon)
REH 024 Posterior Vitreous Detachment
REH 136 Vitrectomy


Orthoptics REH 224 Fresnel Prisms and Double Vision
REH 221 Occlusion Treatment (Patching)
REH 222 Orthoptic Excercises
REH 207 Welcome to your first visit to orthoptics


Optometry REH 007 Ultrasound
REH 149 Soft contact lens wearers
REH 223 Glasses
REH 106 Lid hygiene for contact lens wearers
REH 035 Your hand magnifier
REH 030 Your hand held telescope (coming soon)
REH 231 Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lens wearers
REH 232 Scleral and mini scleral contact lens wearers
REH 029 Your magnifying reading glasses (coming soon)
REH 034 Your stand illuminated magnifier


Ophthalmic Imaging REH 049 Fluorescein angiography
REH 051 Indocyanine Green
REH 132 Optical Coherence Tomography
REH 151 Visual field testing (coming soon)


Surgery REH 068 A guide to the MREH Day Case Centre
REH 006 In-Patient Booklet
REH 095 Anti coagulant therapy (coming soon)
REH 023 Caring for your scar
REH 202 FAQ Day Surgery Services
REH 085 Following minor day surgery (coming soon)
REH 103 Following squint surgery
REH 064 Following VR surgery who are not required to posture (coming soon)
REH 102 General Anaesthetic (coming soon)
REH 157 General Anaesthetic or Local with Sedation
REH 057 How to do your first eye dressing (coming soon)
REH 152 How to manage your eye pain at home (coming soon)
REH 181 Pre-operative assessment service
REH 134 Taking Asprin
REH 137 Taking Warfarin
REH 073 The Day Case Centre (coming soon)
REH 179 VR Anticoagulation (coming soon)