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Day Surgery

The day surgery centre is located on Eye J on the first floor of the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and is a mixed unit attending to both male and female patients.

On leaving home please:

Bring any prescribed medication, asthma or angina sprays with you.

Do not wear nail varnish or make up.

Bring a new or freshly laundered pair of slippers to wear in a theatre.

On your arrival.

On your arrival to ward J a member of the clerical team will greet you and check your name, address and GP details. You will be shown to the waiting room where there is a television available while you are waiting to be seen by a member of staff. A friend or relative is welcome to wait with you during your stay in the unit; however, we feel it is not an appropriate area for children of patients or relatives and would appreciate it if you did not bring children with you at all possible. Please note that your arrival time is not your theatre time and you should be prepared to be within the unit for ½ a day.

Before your operation

A nurse will identify themselves to you as your named nurse and they will be responsible for your care during your stay in the unit.

Your operation

A nurse will accompany you into the anaesthetic room where you will be introduced to the theatre nurse. The theatre nurse will check your name and hospital number with your case notes and assist you to get comfortable on the theatre trolley. A nurse or doctor will prepare you for surgery.

There will be a nurse throughout the operation to make sure you are comfortable. Most eye operations are relatively quick to perform and typically last between 30 and 90 minutes.

Following your operation

After your operation, we like to keep you for at least an hour to ensure there are no problemst. Before you leave, a nurse or doctor might need to examine you, and any medications you require will be dispensed from pharmacy.

You will be given an information leaflet instructing you on the do's and don'ts following your operation, information about your eye drops and an appointment advising you when you need to attend the hospital for your follow up. The nurse will discuss these with you.

Please ask as many questions as you want about your care, treatment, what is happening during your stay or what happens once you go home.  If you have any concerns or uncertainties, please ask to speak to the ward sister, the nurse in charge or the surgical matron during your visit.

Contact details

Should you need to contact the hospital before your operation or before your follow up appointment please do not hesitate to do so on the numbers below:

Day Surgery Centre (Eye J) 0161 276 5603 or

0161 276 5442

Monday - Friday 7.30am - 8.00pm

When the Day Surgery Centre is closed contact the Emergency Eye Centre up to 9.00 pm everyday on

0161 276 5599.

If your problem is urgent and the departments above are closed or you are unable to get an answer, please telephone ward 55 on 0161 276 5512, available 24 hours everyday.

If you have any worries in between appointments, you should contact your consultant's secretary. The number can be found on the front of your appointment card.

Please have your appointment card to hand, as this contains information that will help the secretary. If you have been discharged from the hospital you will need to consult your GP.


Information Leaflet:

Day Surgery