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Inpatient Information

If you are required to use are inpatient services at the hospital, Ward 55 is situated on the first floor of the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.


Personal Requirements

Please bring with you:
• Pyjamas or nightdress, dressing gown and slippers.
• Handkerchiefs and toiletries, for example towels, flannel, soap, toothbrush and paste, shaving kit, hairbrush, or comb.
When in hospital these items should be kept in your locker. Any items left in communal wash areas will be thrown away.
If you prefer, you are able to wear your day clothes during your stay in hospital.

Ward Staff

In charge of the ward is a Co-ordinator, who may be a Sister/Charge Nurse or a senior staff Nurse. The Co-ordinators name is displayed on a notice board at the reception desk.
During your stay there will be a named Nurse allocated to co-ordinate your care. When your named Nurse is off duty, another Nurse will take over their duties. Please do not be afraid to make requests whenever necessary and do
approach them if anything is troubling you.

Medical Staff

You will come into hospital under the care of a designated Consultant. In most cases, you will have met your Consultant at clinic where other members of the medical team may also have examined you. If you require information
regarding your medical progress, you should ask the Doctor who is looking after you. Medical details are entirely confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone without your consent. However, the Doctor or your named Nurse will give your relatives, who enquire, a general indication of your progress. You will be given all the necessary information for your aftercare upon discharge from the hospital. The hospital will send your GP a full report detailing your progress.

Teaching and Research

The Trust is involved in teaching medical, nursing, and other students and in medical research. As a result, there may be students in wards and clinics. Although we would be grateful for your co-operation in this respect, we appreciate that you may wish to talk privately to your Doctor. Please tell us if this is the case and your wishes will be respected. This will not affect the treatment you receive in any way. If you are asked to take part in research you will be given information about the nature of the research and a full explanation of what will be expected of you. Please feel free to ask questions so that you can make an informed decision. If you decide that you do not wish to take part, please be assured that this will not affect your right to treatment in any way.


Many people come to hospital for an operation and others may be advised that an operation is necessary following investigation. If this is the case you may naturally feel anxious and concerned. The medical and nursing staff fully understand how you feel and will be happy to answer any of your questions. You can expect your operation to take place soon after your admission to hospital. However, this will depend on any tests that may be required first.
The staff will advise you of your operation time as soon as it is known. On some occasions your operation may be postponed. Whilst such an event is avoided if at all possible, the staff are aware of how distressing this is and are there to support you. The Doctors and Nurses will give you as much information as possible before the operation and your named Nurse will discuss with you some instructions following your operation.

Hospital Routine

The busy routine of the ward often means an early start to the day, and you will normally be awakened about 06.30am.
Meals are served between the following times:
Breakfast 06.30 am - 07.15 am.
Morning Coffee 10.00 am - 10.30 am
Lunch 12:10 pm- 12.40 pm.
Afternoon Tea 2.00 pm - 2.30 pm
Supper 5.00 pm - 5.30 pm.
Warm drink 9.30 pm - 10.00 pm
Special diets, for example diabetic, vegetarian, kosher and halal are available to those who require them. If you do require a special diet, please inform the Nurse on admission.


Visiting hours are open until 8.00pm. Due to the lack of space only two visitors may be allowed at the bedside at any one time. Visitors may be asked to leave the ward during mealtimes or when dressings are being applied.
Relatives and friends of patients who have been in contact with cases of infectious diseases or who are suffering from coughs, colds or sore throats are asked not to visit the hospital. It is advisable to ask your named Nurse whether it is suitable for children and babies to visit you in hospital. In your own interest, visiting may be restricted on the day of your operation. You will be advised by your named Nurse of the time your relatives should telephone to make enquiries. It is helpful if these calls are kept to a minimum and that one relative informs the rest of your family.


As much notice as possible is given regarding the arrangements for discharge. However, on occasions, arrangements have to be made at short notice. Your named Nurse will assist you to make any necessary arrangements. On the day of discharge, once the medical staff have confirmed that you are fit to leave hospital, you may be asked to transfer
from your bed area to a waiting area. This assists with the smooth running of the ward as it ensures that beds are available for patients being admitted that day.

Information Leaflet

Inpatient Booklet