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Existing Hearing Aid Patients

Do you think your hearing has changed?  Do you think your hearing aid(s) aren't working properly?

If you aren't managing as well as you used to with your hearing aid(s) or you are having hearing difficulties in particular situations, then either contact us by phone or call in to the drop-in repairs desk.

Telephone number: (0161) 276 4613

Repair Desk Opening Times:

Monday - Friday

9.00 am - 3.00 pm

If there is a problem with your hearing aid(s) we will either fix this or replace the hearing aid(s) for you at the drop-in repairs clinic.  If we think you require a hearing test, or a more in-depth look at your hearing difficulties, then we will make an appointment for you to come and see an Audiologist for one of the following appointments:

Hearing Reassessment

This will be a one hour appointment with an Audiologist.  You will be seen within six weeks of you contacting us about your difficulties.  The appointment will usually include the following;

  • History

We will talk with you about your hearing history and current difficulties you might be having.  This is so we can concentrate on the things which matter most to you.  We might also ask you some questions about your general health.

  • Otoscopy

We will look in your ears to check that they are healthy.

An Audiologist examines a patients ears

  • Audiometry (Hearing Test)

We will perform this test to find out the quietest sounds that you can detect in each ear at different pitches.

  • Tympanometry

We may do this test to check how well your eardrums are moving.

Tympanometry - An Audiologist tests how well a patient's ear drums move

  • Discussion of results and development of a care plan

We will discuss the test results with you and the different options available to help you.  We will then agree an individual management plan with you, which will include the specific concerns you have raised, and what we plan to do to address them. If you currently wear one hearing aid, we may discuss with you whether to have a second one fitted. If you have had your hearing aids for some time or they are not performing satisfactorily we may discuss changing you to a different type of hearing aid.

  • Impressions

If you decide to try a second hearing aid or your ear moulds need to be replaced, we may need to take the shape of your ear using a soft putty material. We will send these away to be made into new ear moulds for you. These take around two weeks to come back to the department.

An Audiologist taking the shape of a patient's ear for their ear mould

  • Questionnaire

  If you are changing to a different kind of hearing aid then we may go through a questionnaire with you to help us focus on areas where you are currently experiencing difficulty. We will book a further appointment to fit your new hearing aids or fine tune your existing hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Fitting or Exchange

This will be a one hour appointment with an Audiologist.  If you already have one hearing aid then we might agree to try a hearing aid for your other ear, or we might think you would benefit from a different type of hearing aid(s).

We will set the hearing aid(s) up using Real Ear Measurements (REMs) to make sure they are at the correct volume and if they are different to your old hearing aid(s) then we will show you how to use them and discuss the differences with your old hearing aid(s). You will be given the option for a further follow up appointment to be made in six weeks to see how you are getting on with the new hearing aid(s).

 Real Ear Measurements to set a patients hearing aid to their prescription

Fine Tune Appointment

This will be a 30 minute appointment with an Audiologist who will talk with you about any hearing difficulties you might be having and will be able to adjust your hearing aid(s) to try and improve things for you. You will be given the option for a further follow up appointment to be made in six weeks to see how the changes have helped.