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NF2 Clinics

What is NF2?

Neurofibramatosis Type 2 (or NF2) is a rare genetic condition that leads to the growth of non-cancerous tumours on the linings of nerves.  People with NF2 are very likely to have tumours affecting the nerve that carries information about their hearing and balance.  This can cause problems with hearing and balance.  Our NF2 clinic is a regional centre providing specialist assessment and management for individuals with NF2, working closely with doctors and other health professionals with a specialist experience of the condition.

What to expect when you visit Audiology?

When you visit the hospital you will visit several departments, which will include genetics, ENT and Audiology. When you arrive at the Audiology department, the audiologist will look at your ears and may do several hearing assessments. These could involve measuring the quietest levels of sound you can hear and asking you to repeat back words heard through headphones. This will provide the doctors with information about your hearing and enable them to decide with you what the best management options are.  We may also make recommendations about hearing aids if they are suitable for you.