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Specialist Hearing Assessment and Rehabilitation Clinic (SHARC)

SHARC is a hearing assessment clinic which offers a specialist diagnostic and rehabilitation service for patients with complex hearing needs.

Specialist Assessments

As well as the routine hearing assessments, specialist assessments offered in SHARC include:

  • Speech discrimination testing
  • A patient undergoes a basic test of how well the inner ear is working

Tests of your ability to hear and understand speech - scored by the number of words in a sentence or word list repeated correctly in quiet and in noise.

  • Otoacoustic emission (OAE) test

Electronic measurement of a sound that is produced by your inner ear (cochlea), which bounces back out of your ear in response to a sound played - it is performed by placing a small soft tip that contains a microphone and speaker into your ear, sounds are generated in the soft tip and responses that come back from your cochlea are recorded. This gives us information about the health of your hearing organ.

  • Threshold noise equalising (TEN) test

A test for the diagnosis of any 'dead regions' in your cochlea which are areas of you inner ear which have no hearing function.

  • Evoked response audiometry (ERA)

Electronic hearing test - involves attaching sensors to your head to record electrical activity from your hearing nerve and other parts of your brain.

  • Visible Speech Mapping

Measurement to check that your hearing aid is giving you the right amount of volume for different sounds and situations - it involves placing a very small soft tube into your ear and playing different sounds through a speaker while wearing your hearing aid.


The service provides optimal hearing aids for complex hearing loss fitted using latest techniques to maximise the benefit from the hearing aids. You can also be referred through SHARC for hearing therapy, bone anchored hearing device (BAHA) assessment, cochlear implant assessment and middle ear implant assessment if necessary.