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Daniel's Story

I woke. Where was I? I saw people, talking, crying, rushing but still I did now where I was. I remember seeing women and men in blue looking very worried. Then as I looked down I saw wires all over my aching body. I could not feel a thing; it was almost like my whole body had shut down. Then I fell back into a very deep sleep. As I woke my mum and dad were next to me. Still I had no idea where I was.

A man started to talk but no sound came out. Nothing. As I tried to get up I remember I got pushed back down. I could not hear, or move, I was in pain and I could not get up this was it, I was stranded.

As I turned to my parents I saw my mum crying. But why, was it something I did, said? Then a women dressed in blue came writing down questions making me answer them. But why? Still I did not know where I was.

Other family members started to pour in, all looking worried, their lips were moving but no sound, just horrible ringing noise. However, why were they here? I had not seen some of them in month. So why here, why now? They all looked at me with sympathetic smiles, the type you get at funerals, why though, why at me? Had I died? No.

The same feeling went on for weeks; I was trapped, stranded in a bed, but also in my own bubble, no noise just ringing and so much pain. I remember stickers all over my aching dead like body and these were not the type of stickers for being a good boy. I remember being sick multiple times, I remember having needle after needle. I then turned to my right, to then see a short man in blue tapping my mum while she was crying rivers, but why?

Two weeks on, I was woken up, a women was smiling looking down on me with pen and paper. She was writing to communicate with me. Why could not I hear? She wrote hello I am a nurse, my name is Rachel!  A nurse! Why did I have a nurse leaning over me? Then it clicked, I was stranded, stranded in a hospital bed.

Every day was the same. Lying, waiting, waiting for something to happen but it did not. The same went on for seemed like years. Wake up; lie in bed, have medication, sit in pain, fall asleep. However, I still did not know why I could not hear anything or anyone. It was almost like I could not hear anything or anyone. It was almost like I was trapped, stranded, stranded in my own thoughts, my mind full of questions. But the one that I keep hearing in my head the most was will I ever hear again or will I forever be stranded with no sound?

However, one day a doctor from Wrexham hospital which is the one that came to me and said there could be a way of getting my hearing back through an implant called cochlear implant. We did know what this was but I did not have to even think about it before I said yes! So we sent my case to the Manchester hospital and within two weeks they started ball rolling. It took a few appointments to do X-rays and to get information. The day came to have the operation, I have to say I was a nervous wreck but I would not let it show. When I woke after I had the operation I felt fine, not sick not dizzy but fine. However, I was a different case because I lost my hearing through meningitis. Because of how badly damaged my left ear. They could only do my right. They did not even think it would work.

It was about 2 1/2-3 months since the operation and my hearing is next to perfect. I can hear music as it was before it is actually perfect I can hear people's voices/tones as I could before. Just everything is perfect. Of course there is a few things like crossing the road is hard but that is mainly because I only have one ear. And I need extra help in school. But that's it. EVERYTHING IS GREAT! However, I got lucky for some people it's not this good. This is why i am looking into working with deaf kids.  I have a work experience soon; I am going to an infant school where there are a few kids with implant or hearing aids to help them. And if anyone wants to contact me I am always here.

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