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Work Experience

Are you interested in a career in hospital pharmacy and would like to partake in some unpaid work experience here at CMFT?

The CMFT Pharmacy Education and Training Team are committed to educating the pharmacy workforce to excel in their roles, promote patient safety, provide excellent quality of care, improve patient experience and reinforce a positive pharmacy image within the NHS.  Each year we have many opportunities to offer enthusiastic, passionate candidates the chance to gain some valuable experience within a hospital pharmacy.  Please contact our team below, and send us a statement of interest, and a CV.

If you would like to volunteer in CMFT Teaching Hospitals: This is not specific to pharmacy, however, you may be allocated some time to work in pharmacy as a volunteer but this is not guaranteed. Please contact the volunteer services: volunteer.services@cmft.nhs.uk .

To find out more about volunteering opportunities see the CMFT website:  http://www.cmft.nhs.uk/information-for-patients-visitors-and-carers/patient-advice-and-support/volunteer-service

If you are still in school/college, and under 18 years old and are looking for work experience: Please contact Tracy Wadsworth (Pharmacy Technician Training & Development)

Email: tracy.wadsworth@cmft.nhs.uk

Please NOTE: We provide a minimum of eight work experience placements per year which includes students from local schools and colleges.  We support the NHS Cadet programme by providing ten week placements for six students per year. We are actively involved in the three annual 'Taste of Medicine' programmes which are run by the Trust.

If you are interested in becoming a pharmacy technician or assistant working in a hospital and are looking for work experience:  Please contact Joanne Evans (Specialist Pharmacy Technician Training and Development)

Email: Joanne.evans3@cmft.nhs.uk

Please NOTE: There are seven funded pre-registration pharmacy technician training posts (first year and second year combined). These are advertised in March/April each year on https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/.

If you are currently studying pharmacy as an undergraduate student and looking for work experience:  Please go to NHS Jobs (http://www.jobs.nhs.uk/)

Please NOTE: We do NOT accept individual work experience requests.  Each summer we offer a four week unpaid placement for four students a year.   Places are advertised on the NHS jobs website in October for start dates in the following summer.  These placements are best suited to third year pharmacy undergraduate students

If you are currently studying medicine as an undergraduate student or a non-medical prescriber (NMP) and looking for some work experience within the pharmacy department to understand how your pharmacist can help you when you qualify: Please contact: Dianne.mitchell@cmft.nhs.uk

Email: Dianne.mitchell@cmft.nhs.uk

If you are a prospective pre-registration pharmacist or a current pre-registration pharmacist looking for work placements: Please contact:  Jalak Shah (Clinical Pharmacist/ Pre-registration Manager)

Email:   Jalak.shah@cmft.nhs.uk

Please NOTE: This includes cross-sector placements. We hold a pre-registration open day annually in June.  Watch out for this year's date which is advertised on the Pharmalife website (https://www.pharmalife.co.uk/).   There are six pre-registration pharmacist posts available each year.

If you are a community pharmacist or pharmacy technician or if you are an overseas pharmacist looking to gain experience in hospital:

Please contact Gill Butler (Senior Clinical Pharmacist for Education and Training) or Joanne Evans (Specialist Pharmacy Technician Training and Development)

Email: Gillian.butler@cmft.nhs.uk (pharmacists) Joanne.evans3@cmft.nhs.uk (pharmacy technicians)


Please NOTE: Open days are held every 6 months in March and October. Watch out for this year's date which is advertised on the Pharmacy Workforce Northwest website (http://www.pharmacyworkforcenw.nhs.uk/)

Please NOTE: Our preferred method of communication is via email due to the large demand for work experience within the pharmacy department.