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Unsafe Sex in the City

Unsafe Sex in the City was filmed within Manchester Centre for Sexual Health, going behind the scenes of one of the country's busiest sexual health centres.  The series of four, hour-long episodes illustrates many of the challenges and triumphs that the staff face daily with their patients and provides a snapshot of some of the important work that the clinic does. It follows the stories of several patients who attended the clinic, with concerns and/or symptoms of a range of sexual health issues ranging from Chlamydia to HIV, demonstrating the emotional concerns that come with all sexual health issues.

We decided to get involved in the project to help promote a safer sex message to 16-30 year olds, the target audience of BBC3 and most of the patients we filmed with were from this age group. From recent reports, it is this age group that has seen the biggest increase in sexually transmitted infections in Britain, an increase that many are referring to as an epidemic.

Our aim is to encourage people to practice safe sex, be screened regularly and dispel some of the sexual health myths. We're hoping that the series will be a huge success and entertaining, in order to engage with the target group, yet educational.


All four episodes have now been broadcast, receiving over 1 million viewers per episode.  You can still watch clips and find information on the BBC3 website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01ms3hs/episodes/guide

Reviews from Unsafe Sex in the City:

"There's a good mix with regards to sexual orientation and race. And the show does a great job of finding the right balance of humor, education and drama……Unsafe Sex in the City is my favorite new show of the year. We need more of this, especially in the States. It airs on BBC3, Wednesday evenings at 9pm." American Blog


 "BBC3's behind-the-scenes look at a Manchester sexual health clinic is hopefully making for an effective public-information film - once you get beyond the ewww factor, the serious consequences of unprotected sex are clearly apparent." The Guardian 29/10/12


"Unsafe Sex in the City was a very informative documentary that I believe should be aired in high schools as part of sex education classes as it really demonstrates the realities of unprotected sex. …Ultimately though this programme is carrying out an invaluable service namely to demonstrate what can happen if you don't use all the protection that is available to you and to that end I do feel that certain parts of it should be shown to youngsters as part of their sexual education." UNREALITYPRIMETIME


"For me the best part of the programme is seeing how the staff are professional and friendly. I really hope and believe that this programme will help increase the number of people going as now they have an idea what will happen. The mystery of sexual health clinics keeps so many people from darkening their doors until it is really bad. Even when breaking the worse news possible they stay professional, friendly and nonthreatening."   Online Blog