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Sample acceptance policy


The Department of Reproductive Medicine uses the Directorate of Laboratory Medicine's Specimen Acceptance Policy. This follows national directives from laboratory associated professional bodies. It is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure that samples are correctly labelled and request forms completed to the required standard.

All samples and request cards should have as much information on as possible to enable us to positively identify the patient that the sample has come from, to ensure that the sample and card relate to the same person and to identify which tests need doing and any other requirements. For semen analysis it is essential that we know the time that the sample was taken.

Inadequately labelled or unlabelled samples will not be analysed. 

Essential Requirements

Desirable Requirements

Samples and request forms MUST be labelled with:

PLUS any 2 of the following
Forename (or initial)
Date of birth
Hospital record number

The request form data MUST match the above information on the sample

Request forms SHOULD also contain:

A unique patient identifier for (i.e. case note number)
Address for the report
Consultant or GP
Name of requestor
Tests required
Date and time of sample
Contact number for requestor
Relevant clinical information

If the above items are omitted then it may not be possible to issue a report or to interpret the results. In addition, the laboratory may not conduct some analyses if this information is lacking. Appropriate comments will be made on the report