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The Gynaecology research portfolio at Saint Mary's Hospital is extensive and includes gynaecological cancer, fertility, pregnancy disorders and urogynaecology.


What are clinical trials and why do we need them?

Clinical trials are research studies in which people help test treatments or approaches to prevention or diagnosis to see whether they are safe and effective.  People who take part in trials are volunteers, usually patients.

Clinical trials are essential for developing better treatments and improving healthcare for both adults and children.  It is important to remember that a potential new treatment may or may not be better than an existing one, and a trial is needed to find out.

As well as assessing whether a new treatment is safe and effective, trials can evaluate existing medicines or other approaches where this has not previously been done thoroughly.


Do I have to take part in a clinical trial?

No. Participation in healthcare research is always voluntary and your current or future care would not be affected whether you do or don't take part.


What clinical trials are you currently recruiting participants for at Saint Mary's Hospital?

At the moment we are recruiting participants to studies in various different areas of gynaecology:

  • Women having surgery for pelvic organ prolapse (VUE).
  • Women with a history of unexplained recurrent miscarriage (3 or more miscarriages) (RESPONSE).
  • Couples having IVF treatment (The generation of human embryonic stem cells for clinical use and Sperm, Egg and Embryo Research, Sperm DNA damage and HABSELECT).
  • Women with urinary incontinence (OPAL).
  • Women who have uterine fibroids (benign growths in the womb (FEMME).
  • Women who have had a miscarriage or have infertility problems (TABLET).
  • Women who have endometrial cancer (Obesity study, Metformin study and Mirena study)
  • Women who are pregnant or attending gynaecology out-patient appointments (The influence of childbirth on pelvic sensation).

What research are you hoping to start in the near future?

The number of patients taking part in clinical trials in Saint Mary's Gynaecology unit continues to increase, as the number of clinical trials and research staff grows.  Over the next year we are hoping to start recruiting to:

  • A study looking at a possible treatment for women who have bleeding in early pregnancy.
  • A study to compare different treatments for women with endometriosis.


Principal Investigators:

  • Professor Daniel Brison
  • Dr Edmond Edi-Osagie
  • Dr Kristina Naidoo
  • Dr Anthony Smith
  • Mr Rick Clayton
  • Ms Catherine Holland
  • Professor H Kitchener
  • Dr Lamiya Mohiyiddeen
  • Dr Ursula Winters
  • Dr Emma Crosbie


Divisional Research Manager:

  • Caroline Leech


Research Nurses:

Gynaecology Research Nurses:
  • Lucy Dwyer
  • Rebecca Leech
  • Donna Roberts
  • Christina (Tina) Pritchard
Research Practitioner
  • Christine Hughes
IVF Research Nurse:
  • Claudette Wright
IVF Assistant Research Practitioner
  • Karen Talbot
Oncology Research Nurses:
  • Sarah Kirk
  • Vicki Conroy
  • Teresa Kemp
  • Pippa Bulger



Contact details:

If you would like further information about clinical trials in the Gynaecology unit at Saint Mary's Hospital or to find out if you are eligible to participate in a study, please contact Lucy Dwyer.



Lucy Dwyer

E-mail: Lucy.Dwyer@cmft.nhs.uk

Telephone: 0777 916 0534


Rebecca Leech

E-mail: Rebecca.Leech@cmft.nhs.uk

Telephone: 0777 290 3835


Gynae-oncology (Cancer) Research:

Christina Pritchard

E-mail: Christina.Pritchard@cmft.nhs.uk


Donna Roberts

E-mail: Donna.Roberts@cmft.nhs.uk


IVF Research:

Claudette Wright

E-mail: claudette.wright@cmft.nhs.uk

Telephone: 0755 441 3490

(0161) 276 3296


If you would like further information about Oncology clinical trials in the Gynaecology unit at Saint Mary's Hospital or to find out if you are eligible to participate in a study, please contact Sarah Kirk.


Gynaecology Oncology Research

Sarah Kirk

E-mail: Sarah.Kirk@cmft.nhs.uk

Telephone: (0161) 901 4575



CMFT Research and Innovation website:



National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)



INVOLVE - Supporting public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research



FEMME study website:



TABLET study website:



VUE study website:



HABSelect study website



RESPONSE study website