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When can I visit?

We encourage you to visit your baby as often as you wish, seven days a week. However during the morning ward round between 9.00 am - 11.30 am, visiting is restricted and you can only attend when the doctors are discussing your baby, this is to maintain strict confidentiality.

On some occasions there may be a delay if the staff need to attend urgently to a sick patient on the unit during the ward round. Also, please be aware that sometimes the ward round may overrun and we kindly ask you to be patient.

When you arrive on the unit, the ward clerk will inform the room where your baby is that the you have arrived and would like to be present on the ward round. The nurse will place a pink laminated sheet on your baby's desk to remind the ward round that you are on the unit and would like to attend the ward round. When the ward round moves onto your baby the nurse will collect you from the reception.

The ward round will not be an opportunity for you to have a detailed update about your baby, however if you require a more detailed update about how your baby is doing, the nurse looking after your baby will arrange this.

At all other times you will have open access to your baby and will be encouraged to spend as much time on the unit as possible.

Access to the unit is through an intercom system to ensure the safety of all occupants on the Unit. We ask parents and other visitors not to follow you unless verified by a member of staff.

Other relatives and friends that come to see your baby must be with you or they will not be allowed onto the Unit.  We also ask that relatives stay with you and your baby and do not look at other babies nearby, as other parents may find this offensive.

Although parents can visit 24 hours a day, we ask that all other visitors leave the unit by 10.00 pm.  Only two people at a time are allowed to visit your baby at the cot side (one parent and one visitor) as the rooms can get very busy.  It is also really important that you ensure your visitors are aware of the need for strict hand washing to protect your baby.  There is a waiting area where other visitors can sit whilst waiting to see you/your baby.  Please ask your visitors not to stand in the corridor as this blocks the entrance to the rooms.  Brothers and sisters of your baby can visit with you but no other children under 16 are allowed.  Children must be supervised at all times.

There are lockers available at reception for your outdoor clothes and valuables.  The ward clerks will provide you with a locker and a code on arrival to the Unit.  In order to help us prevent infection, please do not wear your outdoor clothes at your baby's cot side.