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At Saint Mary's Hospital, the ultrasound department conducts 48,000 scans per year on the women who attend as in-patients and out-patients. We do all the routine work but also, as a teaching hospital, specialise in certain areas to support the work of the obstetricians and gynaecologists.


Areas within the Service

Trans-vaginal and transabdominal scans at all stages of pregnancy and in gynaecology.

Referral Information

The department accepts referrals from all approved staff within the hospital and, some referrals from GPs.

Relatives and Escorts

Only one adult is allowed to accompany a woman into the scan room.

Any Tests/ Preparations Needed

A full bladder is required for all ultrasound scans in pregnancy especially at 20 weeks gestation or less; so 1 litre of cold fluid should be drank at least 1 hour before the scan. A full bladder is also required for some pelvic ultrasound scans. If the person referring you for a scan requires a transvaginal scan, they will explain the procedure to you and you will not require a full bladder. A trans-vaginal scan is carried out in all early pregnancy if possible (less than 10 weeks gestation).

Many gynaecological scans also require transvaginal examination


The department is located on the ground floor of St. Mary's Hospital at the back of the main atrium.

Opening Hours

8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday. Some patients may be scanned at a weekend or Bank Holiday from the Emergency Gynae Unit, IVF and Reproductive Medicine.


Dr Rishi Sethi - Consultant radiologist Gynaecology Oncology

Dr Philip Bullen - Consultant Obstetrician, Lead In Fetal Medicine

Dr Kenneth Ma - Consultant Gynaecologist, Lead in Emergency Gynaecology and Early Pregnancy


Contact Details

Reception: 0161 276 6374 - Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Saint Mary's Hospital, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9WL


Lead Sonographers: Lesley Lorimer and Jayne Robinson.

The department is run by a team of sonographers, Radiology Department Assistants and reception staff.

Additional Information

The main purposes of obstetric scans are for medical reasons. With regards to the gender of babies, we will only look and try to see the gender of the baby if asked to, but never state 100% certainty; this is never the priority of the scan and will only be assessed on certain scans.

The detection rates for fetal abnormalities on an ultrasound scan are found on page 34 of the booklet "Screening Tests for You and Your Baby" which should be given to patients when they book with their midwife or can also be found on:


Scan photos

Scan photos are available from most obstetric scans and are sold at £3 each or £5 for two.

Mobile Phones/Cameras

The use of mobile phones/cameras is not allowed in the scan rooms. It is not allowed to take photographs or videos in the scan rooms.