Drugs are illegal and can be incredibly unpredictable. The effect that different drugs can have on you vary a lot from one person to another. In some cases, they can kill you.

There are many reasons that you might begin taking drugs. The most common reason is peer pressure. You might find that if your friends take drugs they will put you under pressure to do the same. If this is the case, then they are not good friends to have because they are trying to make you do something that is bad for you and that you don't want to do.

If you feel under pressure and are finding it hard to cope with, talk to someone you trust such as your parent or carer, an older brother or sister or a teacher.

Illegal drugs fall into one of three classes. These categories are decided by the strength of the drugs and the effect that they can have on people. The three categories are:
  • Class A - Cocaine, heroin, LSD, magic mushrooms
  • Class B - Amphetamines, Cannabis
  • Class C - Anabolic steroids

If you are found possessing or supplying illegal drugs you could be in serious trouble. The more serious the drug, the more serious the punishment you could be looking at, including prison.

In the Manchester area, you can also contact the ECLYPSE Service on 0161 273 6686, Monday to Friday 9.30 - 5.30pm. ECLYPSE is a young people's drug service, providing advice and information, counselling, treatment and support. For Salford and Trafford, contact the SMART young people's drug service on 0161 743 0167.


For information and advice on taking drugs

For straight talking information and advice on the effects and risks associated with taking drugs or if you are worried about someone else visit www.talktofrank.com or phone 0800 77 66 00, text 82111.