Healthy Eating

Many young people are concerned about their appearance and weight, sometimes because of pressure from friends. Or you many want to look like your favourite celebrity or pop star.

Having a healthy and balanced diet is very important while you are growing up. Being over or under the ideal weight for your age can affect your long term health, as well as making you tired, lacking energy and unable to manage sport, school work or other daily activities.

The British Dietetic Association has a great website for young people which gives you independent practical information about food choices, healthy eating, being active and how to safely make changes to your body shape. You can do quizzes to find out how health you are, sign up fro a regular newsletter and find the answers to some common questions about losing weight safely, binge eating and getting more exercise.


Worried about your weight?

If you are worried about your weight, talk to your school or college nurse, a doctor or your parents.

Sites for young people: