Are you growing up with a heart problem? Here is some information about the services that are available for you in Manchester.

You will be experiencing all sorts of changes in your life over the next few years including moving school, going to college, changing relationships and becoming gradually more independent in many areas of your life.

The Young People's Congenital Heart Service aims to help you:
  • Become more independent
  • Understand and look after your heart as you grow up
  • Become knowledgeable, confident and able to manage your own heart problem
  • Be confident about transferring your care from the Paediatric to the Adult setting.

How will we do this?

Whilst you are under the care of the Children's Heart Team you will have access to information and support via the Children's Cardiac Liaison Nurse Team, Kim Laurie and Andrea Gray. You can contact them on 0161 701 0664.

The nurse will be able to help you:
  • Understand what operations you may have had as a child and what the plans are for you as you grow older
  • Understand what medicines you have to take and why
  • Understand how to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Encourage you to become more independent
  • Take responsibility for ordering your own medicines
  • Encourage you to see the doctor on your own
  • Help you with any other problems or questions you may have.

Transition Clinics

Once you are 16 years old you may be asked to come to a transition clinic. This is a special hand-over clinic. The Children's Heart Team hand your care over to the Adult Heart Team. You will:
  • Meet the Adult team that will be looking after you in the future
  • You will be given a management plan
  • You will know where you will be looked after as an adult
  • You will be given a file with lots of information about you and your heart problem
  • The Nurse Specialist from the adult team will be there and she will support you and help to explain everything
  • Your parents will also be fully involved.

What else will happen?

You will be introduced to teenage friendly services such as:
  • Text messaging service - This is just for young people and allows you to contact the Nurse Specialist via text about anything to do with your heart and how it affects you
  • Cardiac Youth Forum - These meetings are an opportunity for you to meet up and talk with other young people who are facing the same problems as you, or to speak in confidence to one of the Specialist nurses. If you would like to join you can contact Linda Griffiths on 0161 276 7959
  • Special website for young people - This has been designed by young people with a heart problem for someone like you. There is lots of relevant information on the website about growing up with a heart problem. You can also access the text messaging service and you can contact the specialist nurses directly via email.