Cochlear Implant Programme

The Manchester Adolescent Cochlear Implant programme provides support to young people aged 10-18. It was set up in 1997, to give young people one-to-one help and support so they can get the most benefit from a cochlear implant.

For some people with hearing difficulties, even the strongest hearing aid cannot provide enough sound information. A cochlear implant is a special kind of hearing aid. Its job is to do the work of the hair cells in the cochlea, which are not working properly, by sending the sound message to the auditory nerve.

The specialists on the programme team provide assessment and information for patients who were born with or developed profound hearing loss, have some spoken language but do not benefit from conventional hearing aids.

The cochlear implant team will offer you a cochlear implant if they believe that:
  • It would give you the ability to hear more speech sounds than you can with a hearing aid
  • You would be able to use the extra sound to understand spoken language better
  • Using the implant would be likely to improve your quality of life

You and your family will make the final decision whether or not to go ahead with the cochlear implant, if it is offered to you.

All patients see the consultants at Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI). If you are under 16, the operation takes place at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. If you are over 16, you have the surgery at MRI.

Following the operation to put the implant in place, we provide support to you and your family to programme the speech processor and help improve and develop listening skills with the new system. We also offer support if you have received your implant at a younger age, but would benefit from help and advice to meet your changing needs as you get older.

Contact details

The Richard Ramsden Centre for Auditory Implants

Peter Mount Bulding

Manchester Royal Infirmary

Oxford Road


M13 9WL

For Appointments:      0161 701 6931

For Spares / Repairs:   0161 276 8079

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