Diabetes Service for children/young people and their families

We have a special service for children and young people, based at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. When you reach the age of 14, you will begin the transition to the adult service by attending our adolescent diabetes clinic. At the age of 18, patients move to the adult service, located at the Manchester Diabetes Centre on Hathersage Road.

Diabetes Clinics

Children's diabetes clinics look after patients from diagnosis up to 14 years old. The adolescent transition diabetes clinic is for patients from 14 to 18 years.

Our specialist nurses offer support to you and your family when you attend the clinic or stay in hospital. We can also visit you at home to help you manage your diabetes and deal with any problems you may have.

Extra clinic appointments are also available. If you decide to use an insulin pump, we offer an individual teaching session for you and your family. We also have an annual review clinic to ensure you are managing your diabetes effectively.

Who's Who
Paediatric Consultants:
Dr Ian Doughty
Dr Mark Bone
Dr Rakesh Amin
Dr Helena Gleeson


Consultant in Adult Diabetes:
Dr Rob Davies (he looks after patients in the adolescent diabetes clinic)


Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurses:
Marie Marshall
Sue Ainsworth
Judith Campbell


Adult Diabetes Nurse Specialist:
Kay Bottrell (she looks after patients in the adolescent diabetes clinic)


Psychiatrist: Dr Ruth Marshall (children's diabetes clinic)


Psychologist: Dr Caroline Browne (adolescent diabetes clinic)


Dietitian: Louise Salsbury