The Gastroenterology Service works as a multidisciplinary team.  We specialise in caring for those of you with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (from mouth to anus) and its associated organs (liver), and your families.   

Support for you and your family
Specialist Nurse Practitioner for Gastroenterology - Jane Clayton and Jane Roberts - 0161 701 7914

They co-ordinate the discharge of patients on parental nutrition, provide training for families requiring this and the monitoring for these patients.  They also provide the majority of the monitoring for those with IBD and provide a telephone hotline service for calls about all aspects of the condition. Please ask them for details.

They also provide help and support to all staff in relation to the management and care of families with IBD or intestinal failure and also have a role in staff training both on the wards and as part of Trust programmes.

We have a nurse who specialises in investigations within gastroenterology -
Gastroenterology Nurse Practitioner - Julia Birchenough - 0161 701 7913

She arranges the 24-hour pH reflux and 24-hour pH impedance monitoring, C13 Urea breath testing and manometry; carrying these out and then collates the information. There are varying waiting times for investigations and some are reliant upon other departments for their assistance.  These investigations are generally carried out on an out-patient basis.


Liver Liaison Nurse
We have a nurse who monitors the children with Liver disease and liaises with the doctors here in Manchester and those in Leeds - Lisa Charlton - 0161 701 7913 

Your doctors apply medical knowledge and skills to your diagnosis and management of your disease. They monitor you and on occasions, may arrange to admit you to hospital if you require special care, investigations and treatment.  Some tests are out of control of the gastroenterology department such as x-rays, barium studies, ultrasounds, and may mean you are given a separate appointment. 

During your out-patient appointments, your doctor may examine you, but will often just discuss your progress and the best way to manage your condition.

Wards and Departments

Ward 79:  0161 701 7900
This ward provides care for those of you who need medical and surgical investigations and treatment for a number of underlying conditions including short gut, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), intestinal failure, liver disease, and malignant tumour surgery. Training and discharge home onto Home Parental Nutrition will be undertaken where appropriate.

There are en-suite facilities to all side rooms, and a parents' sitting room. There are also more single rooms means greater ability to isolate patients as required.

Stoma Team: 0161 701 7902
There is a stoma team with seven members of staff who provide care, support and advice to patients not just on Ward 79. but throughout the hospital.

Out-patients department
This is situated on the ground floor of the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. There is main reception desk where you will book in and then be directed to one of the five clinic suites where you will wait to be called. Within the suites there are consultation and treatment rooms.  Prior to your consultation, your height and weight will be recorded.